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TCG World News for April 25th 2022

Wow what a day!

At 3:30am today I woke up to catch Jace's Alpha stream, and I'm so glad I made that decision! So much was seen, so much learned.

- Jace spent nearly 5 hours flying plot to plot in TCG World, showing people their plots and answering questions.

- The surprise reveal of a river running to David’s Bored Ape plot, a major geographical feature that was unknown until now! People rushed to buy up land on the shores!

- Characters do Super Hero Landings when falling from high distances.

- I noticed Walls around some diamond plots, that was cool.

- The mini map shows the dragon flapping it's wings, shimmering water, and other moving features.

- Dances and emotes added to the game. Purchasable in TCG2.

- Emotes showed emojis popping out, like hearts, smiles, etc.

- They're looking at a 50 minute day, 10 minute night rotation.

- Jace says there will be marker pins so you can find your way around.

- Directional markers coming to the mini map soon.

Also shown on the Alpha stream, and then uploaded to Youtube, was a new video!

It showed the different regions and biomes in TCG World. You can see the bright sun in the desert, the lush forest, snowy areas and more.

The biggest surprise was that the Alien Jellyfish looking area was revealed to be in the North! AND you can own land there!

What a day! TCG World is shaping up to be absolutely stunning.

Please check out my previous articles from today that cover most of the above!


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