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TCG World News for April 22nd 2022

TCG World was featured recently on the Youtube Channel Meta Bit Bros!

Over 16 minutes of greatness! Logan and Talan share their excitement about the recent cinematic trailers, owning virtual land, and they talk about the attractions in TCG World. They even discuss the coin TCG2 and it's potential. Their goal is to bring a fun, yet educational twist for younger viewers to embrace everything that is TCG World!

They will be releasing a new video this Sunday featuring Buzz from The Cyber Hornets, an official partner of TCG World.

And make sure to like and subscribe to Meta Bit Bros on Youtube!

Fridays are always special because of the Update Streams. I always look forward to watching Alex. He always brings something new to show us.

Today he talked about a Metaverse Fashion Show, his trip to Miami, new members of the team who have major (and I mean MAJOR) contacts - and he showcased new cars and a new video. Alex also said the TCG Marketplace is coming sooner rather than later. You can read all the highlights and see multiple pictures in my weekly update post - Click Here for that!

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