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TCG World News for April 15th 2022

The biggest story of the day was the largest metaverse land deal to date!

@DragonGuildNFT on Twitter:

We just finished the biggest deal in metaverse history! 4.6M dollars! Previous record was 4.3M dollars. metaVurse LLC got 8901 plots, including a 256x256 plot for our Dragon Guild in @OfficialTCGCoin

Alex did the weekly update stream today and showed off a new video. The video shows a learning hub built for Alpha, with areas for News, Events, Locations and the Regions.

Alex also said that TCG World is becoming less of a metaverse and more of a movement. It has the potential to create thousands of jobs and provide education and income for many more.

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Artur Saraiva
Artur Saraiva
16 апр. 2022 г.

I find this article very vague, for the biggest deal in the Metaverse history would be nice to have more references.

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