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TCG World News for April 14th 2022

Updating Alpha:

David via Telegram said that he expects "Only Management, Mods and Diamond holders will have access this month.”

Jace plans to stream more after the Easter holiday. And Alex is back and will also stream.

David's message on Telegram: Only Management, Mods and Diamond holders will have access this month. We are constantly evolving and optimizing the world and testing everything, once it’s perfect all landowners will access, the timeframe is 3 months for Alpha before Beta starts so everyone will get access before then!
@JaceTCG has been streaming some in world footage and now Alex is home he will be able to start streaming in a few days while the studio puts the final optimizations in place, every day they make amazing progress to bring us a stable and optimized world and it will take time to get everyone in at the same time but we are working on it non stop

The Weekly Update Stream and AMA is Tomorrow!

Every Friday 1pm PST, 4pm EST. The Update Streams is on Youtube and the AMA portion is immediately after on Telegram. I'd expect this one to be very good one, as it's the first time we've really seen Alex since he first landed in Miami two weeks ago. Expect to hear a lot about the Miami and Paris conventions. Also Alex has access to Alpha, there's the possibility of a live demonstration. Official links below:

TCG World Youtube: TCG World Telegram:

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2 תגובות

Didn’t they say everyone would be able to access alpha by end of this month? Now they’re backtracking to only management/mod/diamond holders? Come on David lets not get a habit of this. Either don’t promise anything or follow through with it


Artur Saraiva
Artur Saraiva
15 באפר׳ 2022

Let's see! last AMAs have been all hype and no concrete info.

Investors are running on hope and trust. But speaking for my self TCG World is doing an amazing job, I do believe we've the best team in this industry. A+++

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