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TCG World Metaverse Virtual Land Size Comparison Pictures - Seeing is Believing

Updated: May 22

Me, Looking like an Ant. Silver Plot

This is the size comparison for the Virtual Land purchasable in the TCG World Metaverse.

In TCG World there are 4 sizes of virtual land available to the public.

Silver Plots - 16x16m

Gold Plots - 32x32m

Platinum Plots - 64x64m

Diamond Plots - 128x128m

You can get them via the TCG World Marketplace. Click Here for the Marketplace.

I've always thought visuals are the way to go. Here's some screenshots and some commentary on each size of land available in TCG World.

Disclaimer: These shots are from Alpha. The size will not change - but the visuals you see in the below screenshots may. The scenery, light borders and such may not look like this by the time the regular player gets into the game.

From Silver to Diamond, let's go!

Silver Plot - This is me in a Silver Plot. Silvers are 16x16 in size. Some silvers are in great locations. Silvers can be found closest to partner plots, close to roads, and the closest to attractions as well. Not all of them, of course, but there's a LOT of silvers that are in great locations. Think coming out of the city or out of a concert - the first thing you'll run into is a Silver, near guaranteed.

Silver Plot - Jon's build in a Silver shows what building on half the plot would look like. Useful to know for Farmers, 'cause up to 50% of the farm land can be used for farming. You can actually build a nice house on them!

Silver Plot - Half Build.

Silver Plot - Half Build from above.

Silver Plot - Full Build from Jon. Unfortunately I don't have any above shots on this one.

Gold Plot - This is me and a mountable dragon standing in a Gold Plot. Gold Plots are 32x32 in size.

Gold Plot - This is me flying high above it.

Gold Plot - This is a view from above of a Gold Plot with an Asian Build on it.

Gold Plot vs Silver Plot - This is me standing inside of a gold plot. There is a silver plot to the left of it. You can fit 4 Silver Plots inside of a Gold Plot.

Gold Plot vs Silver Plot - This is me standing inside of a silver plot. The dragon is in a gold plot.