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TCG World Metaverse News for September 6th 2022

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The News:

- There's a Twitter Space happening in about an hour from when I'll post this. You can listen to it (or hear the replay) here:

- First Desert Sprite confirmed!

- TCG sent out a Twitter post asking for feedback. Head on over and let your voice be heard! Here's some of the responses received so far!

A lot of folks responding about the creature mechanics. This will definitely be important in order for the game to be fun. Can't mess that up, that's for sure! Also fun to see them mention the areas outside of the map - those are going to be a lot of fun to explore!

Project + Community. Genesis mentions a few years if needed - this may be a reality. TCG World will grow over time, and the game will improve and add so much more over time, with the community getting in and building their own structures, experiences, and making the most of their time in the metaverse. Gotta be user friendly I agree.. and down the road tons of customizations (I'm hoping for cars and avatars especially!)

Eddie wants everything to be easily accessible for everyone. There definitely are hurdles in the crypto space, this is one of the most important points I've seen in the responses so far. I don't know if Eddie was talking about crypto, but that's how I read it as.