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TCG World Metaverse News for September 4th 2022

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The News:

- Today I wanted to take a look at the new upcoming marketplace images that were shared on Friday's update stream.

At the top there's a section for Regions - I assume this drops down so people can look for land in different regions! Very nice!

There's at least 2 ways of selling: Fixed Price (Buy it Now) and Timed Auctions!

Set your Starting Price in TCG2 - I hope the interface has the ability to let you know what the real time USD price of the amount you're selling for is.

Option to add a "Buy It Now" price for auctions. - This gives buyers the opportunity to bid on it, they might get it for a lower price, but if they wait long enough someone might scoop it up at the buy it now price!

Duration Time Settings - looks like you can choose an End Date and Time. I wonder if TCG will have set lengths (1 day, 3 day, 45 day, etc) or if sellers can set custom times? We shall see!

We also get a look at the Car NFT and what that may look like! Very cool design so far. Top Speed, Horse Power, Handling, and zero to hundred timing.

Note: Everything is subject to change, but cool to see where they're currently at!

- Sixty Sprites in the game at launch, potentially! Will that mean we can FIND 60? Likely not. I'm guessing it'll be a bunch of "level ones" - twenty of them as per the Update stream. But likely you can evolve them into their 2nd and then final forms later on. Will we be able to find the level 2's and 3's in the world? Hopefully too! Buy maybe not at the start.

Here's all the Sprites that have been shared publicly so far:

And the 3D sprites shared so far:

And the questions I put on the one-sheet are as follows

- Last week was jam packed with news! What will this new week bring us?

I think the news is gonna start ramping up pretty fast. Be it small bits of news here and there.. or huge news dropped everyday. Who knows? There's so much hinted at in the past few months, this is gonna be a fun ride!

- I wonder how long it takes us to walk or jog that long tunnel shown on Friday’s stream?

I didn't time myself.. but I RAN through it and it took about 2 minutes. That was full running. It's a long dang tunnel!

- Will there be cars to crush in the Monster Truck Arena? Wouldn't this be cool! Also I'd love to see an in-game camera that's projecting on the main screen in there the action that's going on!

- Which of the Sprites above is Bear’s best friend?

Gotta be this guy.

- New video from Metaversoon! I like him 'cause he reads my Sprite Reports : ) Hello to you!

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