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TCG World Metaverse News for September 2nd 2022 + Live Update Highlights

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Live Update Stream Highlights:

- New AMA Format with multiple hosts / guests, and look.

- Had a new video of a dragon flying and a countdown timer to start off.

- Introductions of the team - it's PJ Krypto, Jon Dixon and Lucia Spillane.

- Starting with the next AMA there will be live gameplay and GIVEAWAY! PJ mentions plots and dragons.

- TCG plans Alpha Livestreams with partners/guests

- September 9th next week will be with The Matic Greys

- Staking is live on the website

- 40 Million has been staked already!

- Variable rewards for now

- For now it's BSC version only, ETH TCG2 will get staking soon.

- TCG Marketplace is a few weeks away, but coming. They share some mockup shots:

- TCG2 will be the only coin used unless the market goes horrible.

- Asia City has billboards, they showed off some pics.

- Diamond and Platinum land owners have been in version 3.0.1 testing.

- Version 3.1 of Alpha expected soon. (maybe this weekend) - This is the version gold/silvers are expected to gain access after about a weeks time.

- New roads in TCG World put in. Freeways and such, they show a video!

Here's some quick screenshots:

- NEW PARTNERSHIP - TCG World + Pi Protocol - Officially announced, this was soft announced previously.

- 3.1 Build Updates:

- Vehicle camera follows rotation

- Text chat improvements

- Sound of the rings improvements.

- Platinum plots can build again (yay!)

- More avatars to choose from.

- WallstreetBets location put back into Alpha

- Swimming added! yay Bear swimming!

- Car physics changes and improvements


- Australian Crypto Convention is coming up - September 17-18 2022

- Shouts out The Baby Greys that are minting now, they will have utility in game (companion following you around) - shares the Baby Grey graphic.

- David Bombs:

- David did an AMA this week on Telegram.

- He has spoken with a company with over 2000 developers who have created content for other metaverses like Sandbox and Decentraland. Now it's TCG's turn!

- Shouts out the Biz Development Team of Eric Chan, Chris Berrios and Jon Dixon, David has been on many calls/meetings with them, the calendar is packed with meetings, and they've been talking to several companies like...

- Music companies (30-40 ready to perform!)

- Other metaverses

- Different blockchains

- Protocols

- Gold Course and Tournaments

- Creature minting will be on the testnet to showcase the gameplay mechanics.

- Two senior leadership positions will be filled soon, in negotiations.

Questions and Answers:

Look for polls in the Telegram channel for questions to ask on these Live AMAs / Update streams! Here were the questions from this week:

  1. When will $TCG2 Eth staking become available? - They're currently working on the swap to automate it. After that is when they can work on the ETH version to stake. Roughly 2-3 weeks maybe.

  2. Can we hear more about the TCG Dragon CC Eggs? - They've had some meetings about turning the NFTs into "dynamic NFTs". David has written out the plan/whitepaper for the dragons. It'll be ONE egg per dragon. Same logic as the previous 2 egg announcement. THEY WILL BE DROPPED AT THE END OF THIS MONTH - SEPTEMBER! - The eggs will be burned to turn into one of the announced dragons - house, companion, fighter or flyer. They talk about rarity playing a part. And DRAGON STAKING. You can Stake the Dragon CC NFT and get extra skins/traits/similar stuff to the dragons you mint. Rewards may include TCG2 as well! Dynamic NFTs can improve over time. When eggs are burned the Dragon CC NFTs can get marked / they will have a database for it. "Can you stake your dragons and still use it as a flying dragon? - Yes

  3. What is TCGs plan with development after full public launch? What pace can be expected? - Every month they will release updates, with experiences, new quests, updates to the game and more. Every month new things to look forward to. They'll have a patch update feature.

  4. Is $TCG2 the only currency that is planned to be used in the TCG marketplace? - Yes that is the plan. If in the future the market does weird things, they may reconsider, but TCG2 is the planned and only currency for TCG World and the Marketplace.

  5. Other than plots, vehicles and sprite NFTs, what other items will be sold in our marketplace? - They plan a Software Development Kit to design assets in-game, for buildings, home decorations, in-game experiences, and more. These will go on the marketplace for everyone to check out!

  6. Are there plans to update the website and if so when? - Yes it's updated on a regular basis, but further updates will be made on the website but not in September. Their focus is on Alpha, Staking and more. It's just a matter of moving resources to do major updates like the website.

  7. Approximately how many different types of sprites can we expect at full public launch? - At least 20 Sprites in TCG World at the launch of the game - each with Evolutions - So 60 Sprites.

You can see the whole AMA here:


Accompanying the announcement on the AMA, TCG tweeted out about the partnership as well.


Please know there are tons of scams out there! I've written about it before. Scammers are reaching out to folks asking questions in chats and pretending to be staff. Please be safe and check out these links that I made a while back to help you identify the scammers. EDUCATE YOURSELF!

- Crypto Chads are finally coming! Woo hoo! These NFTS are from an official partner Funky Monkey Frat House. As of now, they do not have any utility in TCG World, but ya never know.


- Matic Greys are still minting the Baby Greys! Mint Here:

- TCG World is heading to the Australian Crypto Convention in September and you can save 20% off Tickets! Use Code: TCGWDC at


At the very least when viewing TCG World Tweets, please LIKE and RETWEET. Especially Retweet, as that really helps to spread word to the next potential investor!

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