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TCG World Metaverse News for September 20th 2022

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The News:

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Dragon Riders Club Debuts Dragon Dwellings!

Oggy and the Dragon Riders Club unveiled this awesome looking dragon-themed structure! And there's a video! Pretty dang cool!

Check out the video here:

Minty Fast Sprites to the Blockchain!

Check out this video showing how fast and smooth sprites go to your wallets!

New Giveaway from TCG World!

Chris won a plot last week from TCG World but he has given it back to give to someone who's new to the community and doesn't own land yet. What a great opportunity to onboard someone new and get them into the world! Who knew Chris was such a great guy?

Must not be a land owner and you must do everything in this tweet:

Lava Ball War

I don't know what it is BUT I WANT TO PLAY IT!!