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TCG World Metaverse News for September 18th 2022

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The News:

Interview with the Vice President of TCG World

Today I sat down with Justin Del Giudice, the newly appointed Vice President of TCG World, to ask him some quick questions on what his new role will entail. He does not disappoint!

How does it feel to be TCG World's very first Vice President?

I feel absolutely honored, and to be quite honest, humbled by this amazing opportunity! I have been with TCG World since day one and have seen the long term vision of the company and I am beyond excited to take on the role of Vice President.

What's your background and previous work experience outside of TCG World?

I have a background and B.S. Degree in Health and Wellness Education, and two Masters Degrees focused on designing and implementing corporate wellness programs for companies and healthcare facilities. I own and operate a real estate brokerage, am a mortgage lender, and a real estate investor. It is my background in real estate investing that drew me to TCG World and the unlimited potential that virtual real estate can provide to individual investors, small businesses, and large corporations.

How did you rise up to become Vice President? Can you tell us about your journey from the first days with TCG World up to now?

I have a diverse background in real estate, mortgage financing, and real estate investing, so when I first found out about the TCG World Metaverse I was blown away by the potential that a virtual world could offer to real estate investors and real world businesses. Throughout the pandemic the real estate and mortgage financing sectors have exploded, I was busier than I had ever been (and because of this I almost hesitated to apply for my first job as a TCG World Real Estate Agent). I saw that TCG World was looking to build a virtual real estate team and felt that this was a tremendous opportunity to take my real world skills into the virtual world. I remember fondly the earliest days of being a virtual real estate agent and helping people purchase their first plot of land. I specifically recall one of my first clients took over 70 emails from his inquiry about buying a plot to actually purchasing one. There is a big learning curve in the crypto space, initially I spent a lot of time teaching people how to set up their first wallet, how to use dapps and connect to our website, the importance of security and protecting their seed phrase, etc. After a successful run as a residential real estate agent, TCG World launched their commercial real estate division, which is focused on plot sales and development for big investors, businesses, and strategic partnerships. I had the pleasure of working closely with Andre Allen and Tyer Wilke on the commercial real estate team and the three of us have worked extensively with commercial clients and partners. Taking on the role of Vice President is a true honor, I will draw on my real world and virtual experiences and do everything within my power to make TCG World run like a well oiled machine.

What will the Vice President of TCG World do?

As Vice President I will be accepting many responsibilities, the easiest way to summarize the position would be: The head manager who oversees the people in the company and implements the business strategies that are set by the CEO, David Evans. I will be using the CEO's business strategy and goals to structure day-to-day operations. Set goals for each division, design new positions and reorganize departments to reflect the CEO’s vision. I will also continue to meet with commercial clients and partnerships, and assist and support David in every way possible.

Will the President and Vice President have a special residence or building in TCG World?

Building an office for the President and Vice President has not been discussed yet. We have several commercial clients and partners, so developing their plots is top priority. Eventually, we will absolutely have an office for TCG World Employees so we can fully integrate our work and communication within our world.

Will you be rocking up to events in TCG World in a special Limo?

Probably not, unless I’m riding with the big boss. I’m the kind of guy who buys a car, takes good care of it, and drives it until the wheels fall off. I will most likely roll up in my “common” rarity family sedan.

What changes does this new role with TCG World give you? Are you still going to be involved as a Senior Commercial Real Estate Manager for TCG World?

The role of Vice President serves primarily as the head manager for the company, therefore I will retain several responsibilities in the commercial real estate and strategic partnership divisions, and will provide structure and assistance to all branches of TCG World.

As Vice President, what are your top priority?

My top priority right now is to provide an internal structure that will enable us to grow as we work towards becoming a top gaming company. Assigning managers to each division, setting goals, prioritizing the budget and helping us get set for the full launch of TCG World.

Where do you see TCG World in 1 year? 5 years?

The sky's the limit for TCG World. In one year I see us as a major player in the gaming and metaverse space. Hopefully across a five year timeline we will grow to be a household name that has become synonymous with the word “metaverse.”