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TCG World Metaverse News for September 17th 2022 + Live Update Highlights

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

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The News:

- 9-16-2022 Live Update Highlights

- TCG World has the biggest booth at the expo.

- Illuvium checked out the booth and asked some questions!

Community Questions:

Are there any updates to the eggs and the dragon whitepaper?

- They're working with Rev3al and another company to help mint the NFTs and make them dynamic NFTs - so they can continually add to those dragons in-game for years. Skins, abilities, and more! It'll be the same with cars and more!

Game launch still planned for end of 2022?

- Yes. The plan is to continually add to the world. The initial game play and user, but TCG World will continue to add experiences, events, content, etc.

How is hiring process of new developers going?

- Eric Chan is meeting with developers and they will move forward as soon as possible. The content they can create really opens TCG World up to more potential, and adding in functionality to the builds and such. Way more than they had initially planned. It's not signed yet, but they're excited!

Update on GGToor sales? Are they paid? What does that mean for TCG?

- Both of the initial deals have requested extensions for the sales. TCG isn't involved in those sales. It doesn't affect TCG, they continue to develop their side. Jon (GGTOOR) is in constant contact and updates their community frequently.

When TCG2 Staking for ETH?

- Blockchain team is working on it, some time after the Convention. A week and a half or two weeks he said.

Will there be rare sprites, like in pokemon there are shinies, any rare off colored sprites?

- Yes - Jace has designed a rarity guide for Sprites. Expected for full launch of the game. Updates every month or two months with new creatures. They're making a custom battle system!

What will happen when staking period expires, is the pool refilled?

- They're gonna renew the 30 day staking pool. You'll probably have to unstake from old and put in the new one. He says the plot holder group has added 2-300 new folks since Alpha opened.

Big announcement time!

New TCG Hires:

They're going away from being a crypto company and moving towards becoming a gaming company, so they're making moves now and the next few months to achieve that goal.

First two appointments:

New President of TCG World: Frank Curzio

He will be working on the corporate side. Here's his website:

New Vice President of TCG World: Justin Del Giudice He's been promoted from the TCG Real Estate team.

They will help David and the team to get TCG World to the next level!

David praises Thousandaire for the cool graphics at the Australian Crypto Con, they're turning a lot of heads!

Project Updates:

- They're at the '22 Australian Crypto Expo this weekend.

- You'll be able to go to the Expo in ALPHA!

- Next Friday Alpha Live Stream will be with Mike S. Miller from Funky Monkey Frat House!

- Wen Marketplace? October. For plots.

- 3.1.7 Alpha is open to plot owners! Head on over to telegram

- Make sure to share TCG World and your Alpha experiences on Socials!

- 4.0 Major Build in Development

- Vehicles and Sprite NFTs will sync with the marketplace

- Sprite UI evolve and management menu being worked on.

- He shows a video! It shows the evolving and minting process.

- Land slots for sprites with evolution UI and mechanics being worked on.

- Silver plots can evolve1 at a time.

- Gold plots can evolve 3 at a time.

- Platinum plots can evolve 5 at a time.

- Diamond plots can evolve 8 sprites at a time.

- Evolve Rate multiplier depends on size, resources and regions (like the forest)

- Items for evolution rate multiplier (grass, tree, glowers, crystals, etc.)

- Builder 2.0 UI improvements. Accurate location, making it easier to place stuff where you want it.

- Modification for Cars - you'll be able to change colors and more due to dynamic NFTs.

- City has arrived! The central city will start to come to live in 4.0 build. They shared some concept photos:

Giveaway winners:

- @TCGWorld_Chris on Twitter wins a silver plot!

- @lucashart333 on Twitter wins a silver plot!

- Jace jumped on live from the Australian Crypto Con. He's moving around the con. TCG World is right in the middle, the largest booth. Computers are set up for Alpha. The con had opened 2 hours ago and there's still a huge line outside of ppl getting in.

He showed the Binance booth which was nuts lol

Then the new President Frank Curzio came on! Check out his site here:

See the whole update stream below!

Other News:

- The Crypto Skunkz are running a promo!

Ready to get spooky and wet? 25 GhostSkunkz have haunted their way into the #CryptoSkunkz#NFT collection. Mint one of these Stinkers & win a @OfficialTCGCoin waterfront property! For every 15 MINTS (0.15 ETH), we will also be giving away a property #NFT to one lucky winner!

Crypto Skunkz Website:

They just gave away this location!

- Yesterday's Winners

@lucashart333 & @TCGworld_Chris on Twitter both got a Silver Plot for entering TCG World's contest and attending live in the chat!

- New Video Explains how to Install the TCG World Alpha

TopMarkz is being helpful again! He made a video explaining how to upload and install Alpha! Check it out here, or it's in the Telegram channel as well. Just ask for it! : )

Look at these Dragon Pics!

And some pics from the Lava Heads meetup!

Random Pics from the Convention:

Thanks Meredyth for these vides!

Upcoming Events:

Sept 23rd: TCG World Alpha Livestream with Mike Miller / Funky Monkey Frat Houseon Youtube

Sept 30th: TCG World AMA Update Stream on Youtube

** Dates and times subject to change, Times are in PST 'cause I'm PST


- Marketplace Launch

- Dragon Egg Drop


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