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TCG World Metaverse News for September 15th 2022

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Today's Sprite Report is brought to you by DeSo Syndicate!

Don't know what to do with your plot? How about putting a frickin' Castle on it! Heck yeah!

DeSo Syndicate is an official partner of TCG World! DeSo Synicate 3D models world class level assets for use in the Metaverse and other Virtual Environments. These are photo realistic level imports that can be used on your plot in TCG World.

DeSo Syndicate will be offering structures, wearables, experiences and more within TCG World! at competitive prices. Their NFTs will also provide utility for holders in the form of giveaways, discounts and some exclusives in TCG World!

The assets will be easy to use. Just place them where you want them on your plot in TCG World. Boom! You're done! You'll have a thing of beauty that will make your neighbors jealous!

Visit their website to find out more!

The News:

- New Section on The Sprite Index! Alpha Frequently Asked Questions, Help Videos, Mac Workaround, and more!

- Crypto Skunkz to announce a big promo tonight! Like.. less than an hour from when I post this! Go go! 4pm PST in their Telegram channel!

- AMA / Live Update This Friday WITH DAVID!! David Frickin' Evans!

AMA Details:

This AMA we will be broadcasting LIVE from the Gold Coast of Australia Crypto Convention. David and team will be providing us footage from the convention while we also update the community on TCG World Alpha developments.

AUS/Europe Saturday September 17th:

1030 AM AEST (Aussie)

130 AM London Saturday

US Friday Night September 16th:

830 PM EST (US) Friday

530 PM PST (US) Friday

- Tickets are officially SOLD OUT for this weekend's Australian Crypto Convention!

TCG has the biggest booth there, right in the center of the convention, and has it's name on the Theater Stage too. They are a Diamond Sponsor for the event, which is a pretty big deal!

Check out the website:

Even though the event is sold out, David Evans will appear LIVE on Camera from the Event to the masses on Youtube for the AMA / Live Update Stream! Woot!

- There's a new TCG World giveaway! Make sure you're entered!

- New Videos from PJ!

PJ shows us how to make an Avatar! And he shares his excitement about Alpha opening up to everyone! Please support him by liking, commenting and subscribing!

The above video has been added to the Sprite Index as well.

One more video? OK! Kenneth made another video too!

I asked for pictures, and the community gave me some! Yay Alpha! I love seeing everyone in Alpha! And there's a ton of pics below in the Tweet Deck too!

A cool photo over WallStreetBets in the Forest! This plot is in there, but not optimized fully yet.

Dance party!

Whoa whoa whoa.. this is a PG blog Sir!

Fun pictures! Thanks for all that submitted!

Upcoming Events:

Sept 23rd: TCG World Alpha Livestream with Guests on Youtube

Sept 30th: TCG World AMA Update Stream on Youtube

** Dates and times subject to change, Times are in PST 'cause I'm PST


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Bear Sponsors:

This is a fictional ad, but if anyone wants to sponsor The Sprite Report, let's talk!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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