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TCG World Metaverse News for September 14th 2022

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The News:

- The big news yesterday is still the news today - TCG World is open to all Land Owners!

I've made some new pages on The Sprite Index to help folks out! Please share them!

TCG World Alpha FAQ and Help

TCG World for Left Handers

TCG World Commands and Controls

TCG World for Mac Users

Shout out to BALDBRO for helping so many folks out! He is getting swamped with requests to enter the plot chat and handling it like a champ! Please take the time to thank him!

And I gotta say.. where were all these plot holders and why weren't they in the exclusive plot chat already? You've been missing out on all the good stuff! If you want to keep up with your investment, that's the spot to be. (ya know, other than my reports). In that chat you'll get exclusive TCG World info, pictures, videos, and more! Welcome aboard, I hope you'll get as much from that chat as I have!

To Access Alpha: - Join the Official TCG World Telegram: - DM @BaldBroNeverDM1st on Telegram - Get verified as a land plot owner - Gain access to the plot owners group - Download TCG World Alpha! (It's in the Pinned Messages)

Tag @OfficialTCGCoin #TCGWorld on Twitter and share your Alpha images!

Official TCG World Telegram: Official TCG World Announcement Channel: TCG Admins/ Moderators/ Real Estate Agents will NEVER DM or add you to any chat groups 1st:

Helpful Commands:

Stuff to know:

- The Download is for PC only.

- This is Alpha. There are many areas that are still being worked on. It's usually obvious what those areas are (less details, no details, floating stuff, etc.) This is normal : )

- Your Firewall and Anti-Virus will likely try to block the download and/or the ability to play the game. You have to allow an exception for TCG World in both. - I'll be honest, most of the issues are usually user-error. Every one has a different setup and computer. It's usually the Firewall/Anti-Virus having either blocked or outright deleted some files. Watch out for pop ups and pay attention to them!

- Looking for the Controls and Commands? I’ve written them all up for you! Here they are: (Get used to this site!)

- If FPS is an issue for you, look at reducing the Chunk Size and Resolution. Chunk Size around 4 usually works best.

- Most bugs are known already. But please report any world-breaking bugs though! Tag @cyberinvader in the plot chat.

- The Quickest Way to Get Help: Ask in the Telegram plot channel!

- Please Share Pics and Videos! Spread the word!

- Enjoy exploring!

- Enjoy building!

- Enjoy capturing Sprites!

- Enjoy driving and flying!