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TCG World Metaverse News for October 9th 2022

The Sprite Report Issue 181

In this article:

- New Sprite assigned to a Biome. Yay!

- Daily News Feed.

- Calendar of Events.

Upcoming Events:

October 14th: TCG World AMA Update Stream on Youtube

October 21st: TCG World Alpha Livestream with Guest(s)

October 28th: TCG World AMA Update Stream on Youtube

October 31st: Halloween. Also eRacing Series 1 Starts. Schedule Below.


October 31st to November 5th: eRacing Series 1 (Qualifying / Daytona, USA)

November 7th to 12th: eRacing Series 2 (Qualifying / Barcelona, Spain)

November 14th to 19th: eRacing Series 3 (Qualifying / Le Mans, France)

November 21st to 26th: eRacing Series 4 (Qualifying / Silverstone, England)

November 28th to December 3rd: eRacing Week 5 (FINAL / Sebring, USA)

November 30th to December 4th: SEBRING REAL RACE

Ongoing: CryptoSkunkz Minting Promotion involving Plots

Ongoing: The Matic Greys Baby Greys Mint (they have utility in TCG World)

** Dates and times subject to change, Times are in PST 'cause I'm PST


- Marketplace Launch (October)

- Dragon Egg Drop (October)

- Full Launch of TCG World (Christmas)

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The News

Am I late?

Eh, kinda. Sundays are jam packed with family time for me, and I just got home at around 8pm and am tired as heck. But I always get the daily Sprite out!

If anyone is reading this, I appreciate you! Seriously. I'm sorry that this report is just 7 pictures below.. but I suspect it'll be more significant tomorrow!

But hey, I'm always happy to see these pictures that Thousandaire makes! They always give us a new bit of information, like this brightly colored land shark is going to be in the Forest Region!