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TCG World Metaverse News for October 29th 2022

The Sprite Report Issue 201

In this article:

- No more asking Wen Marketplace

- All the Live Update Highlights!

- New TCG World Comics section

- 200 Sprite Reports? Really?

- New Sprite Concept Images

- Forza pushed back

- Update 3.8.4 is live - Daily News Feed

- Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events:

Until Quota Met: Buy 1, Get 1, Get 2 Deal for Plots/Castles - Use Referral code PLOTOWNERS

October 31st: Halloween.

November 17th: End of the 1 Month and 3 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 BSC

November 22nd: End of the 1 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 ETH

December 25th: Christmas

January 31st 2023: End of the 3 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 ETH

February 17th 2023: End of the 6 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 BSC

May 15th 2023: End of the 6 Month Staking pool for TCG2 ETH

August 14th 2023: End of the 12 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 BSC

** Dates and times subject to change, Times are in PST 'cause I'm PST


- Marketplace Launch (Likely end of October)

- Dragon Egg Drop (Before Game Launch)

- Full Launch of TCG World (Around Christmas)

For all the TCG World info you'll ever need, head over to The Sprite Index!

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The News

Wen Marketplace?

As per yesterday's AMA, the TCG Marketplace is to be released on NOVEMBER 2ND! Yay!

Buy and sell land using BNB instead of TCG2 - BNB will be used because TCG2 doesn't have much volume - they're gonna start with BNB, look at how much action they're getting, and then put in TCG2 at a later date. The fear is if they use TCG2 at the beginning, the coin may tank.

PJ was on a test version of the Marketplace and I grabbed these screenshots:

Note: When a land is purchased, they get a link to join the Plot Owners chat! BaldBro is saved!

Forza eRacing Series Pushed Back.

As announced on the latest AMA, the Forza has been pushed back at least a week. More info to come soon!

Here's what the old schedule was:

October 31st to November 5th: eRacing Series 1 (Qualifying / Daytona, USA)

November 7th to 12th: eRacing Series 2 (Qualifying / Barcelona, Spain)

November 14th to 19th: eRacing Series 3 (Qualifying / Le Mans, France)

November 21st to 26th: eRacing Series 4 (Qualifying / Silverstone, England)

November 28th to December 3rd: eRacing Week 5 (FINAL / Sebring, USA)

November 30th to December 4th: SEBRING REAL RACE

Highlights of the AMA/Live Stream

For all the highlights of yesterday's AMA Live Stream, including car photos!!!!! go here:

200 Sprite Reports done, in the books, gone!

And all those hours with it!

Here's a fun picture of 101 to 200:

New Comics Section! Enjoy!

If you have any comics or memes, send them my way!

Alpha 3.8.4 is available for all Plot Owners!

Loud Cars! Way more sprites to find! Seems like everyone is enjoying the update!

Just a heads up, there's a known bug they're working on - your Dragon is one and done, it doesn't go back to your inventory after you despawn it. Just be aware of that! Hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

Two New Sprite Images

They join all the others:

Today's Sprite Report is brought to you by DeSo Syndicate!

Don't know what to do with your plot? How about putting a frickin' Castle on it! Heck yeah!

Check out their website for assets you can use in TCG World! TCG Castle Promo NOW!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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