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TCG World Metaverse News for October 24th 2022

The Sprite Report Issue 196

In this article:

- TCG World's Halloween Contest

- Jon Previews a New Feature

- High Dollar Dragon NFT Offer REJECTED - Daily News Feed

- Calendar of Events

Upcoming Events:

October 28th: TCG World AMA Update Stream on Youtube

October 31st: Halloween. Also eRacing Series 1 Starts. Schedule Below.

November 17th: End of the 1 Month and 3 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 BSC

November 22nd: End of the 1 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 ETH

December 25th: Christmas

January 31st 2023: End of the 3 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 ETH

February 17th 2023: End of the 6 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 BSC

May 15th 2023: End of the 6 Month Staking pool for TCG2 ETH

August 14th 2023: End of the 12 Month Staking Pool for TCG2 BSC


October 31st to November 5th: eRacing Series 1 (Qualifying / Daytona, USA)

November 7th to 12th: eRacing Series 2 (Qualifying / Barcelona, Spain)

November 14th to 19th: eRacing Series 3 (Qualifying / Le Mans, France)

November 21st to 26th: eRacing Series 4 (Qualifying / Silverstone, England)

November 28th to December 3rd: eRacing Week 5 (FINAL / Sebring, USA)

November 30th to December 4th: SEBRING REAL RACE

** Dates and times subject to change, Times are in PST 'cause I'm PST


- Marketplace Launch (Likely end of October)

- Dragon Egg Drop (October?)

- Full Launch of TCG World (Around Christmas)

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The News

TCG World's Halloween Contest!

Simple to do! Here's the original tweet:

High Price Rejected

Most people would accept 1.8 ETH on a dragon. Nope! The prices are slowly going up for the rare traits! Enough that people are calling some great prices TOO LOW JOE. Hold the faith!

Although I will admit.. the TCG mouth is one of my fav. Wish I could get one myself!

Twitch Working in TCG World!

Make sure you're following Jon, and jump in when he's live. Early today he was in the world testing out two new features in the game - The Party Panel, which is music performance controls (controlling the stage, lights, confetti, etc.) and how to stream Twitch within the game! One step closer to live TV, live events, live performances, live sports within TCG World itself.. the skys the limit!

Party Panel:

Controls for the Party Music Volume, Scene effects such as Confetti, Smoke, Fire, Lights and whatever Noto Ex is.

And the simple, easy to use Twitch stream within TCG World - looks like you'll simply put your Twitch name in, and you can adjust the volume. How sweet!

Today's Sprite Report is brought to you by DeSo Syndicate!

Don't know what to do with your plot? How about putting a frickin' Castle on it! Heck yeah!

Check out their website for assets you can use in TCG World! TCG Castle Promo Soon!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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