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TCG World Metaverse News for October 10th 2022

The Sprite Report Issue 182

In this article:

- Friday's Live Stream AMA gonna have Clipz.

- Now's the time to let David know what you want in the world! (Player suggestions).

- Videos.

- What's New via TCG.

- Daily News Feed.

- Calendar of Events.

Upcoming Events:

October 21st: TCG World Alpha Livestream with Guest(s)

October 28th: TCG World AMA Update Stream on Youtube

October 31st: Halloween. Also eRacing Series 1 Starts. Schedule Below.


October 31st to November 5th: eRacing Series 1 (Qualifying / Daytona, USA)

November 7th to 12th: eRacing Series 2 (Qualifying / Barcelona, Spain)

November 14th to 19th: eRacing Series 3 (Qualifying / Le Mans, France)

November 21st to 26th: eRacing Series 4 (Qualifying / Silverstone, England)

November 28th to December 3rd: eRacing Week 5 (FINAL / Sebring, USA)

November 30th to December 4th: SEBRING REAL RACE

** Dates and times subject to change, Times are in PST 'cause I'm PST


- Marketplace Launch (October)

- Dragon Egg Drop (October)

- Full Launch of TCG World (Christmas)

For all the TCG World info you'll ever need, head over to The Sprite Index!

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The News


The founder of Faze Clan, Clipz, will join Jon and PJ Krypto on Friday's live stream!

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Check out Clipz over on Tiktok! Wow he's got a ton of followers!

David Still Taking Suggestions

It's not too late to provide your input. What do you think should be some of the first things worked on and made live in TCG World? We're talking assets here.. stuff like beach houses, tree houses, scenery elements, props, creatures, etc.

Some of the great suggestions that came from Facebook today are as follows: - Add some construction machines quarrys mine sites excavators front end loaders ect

- We hope to see beautifully designed regions, rich in details, and interesting to explore. For example lively beach front and posh and exclusive marina area, with expensive seafront houses with private boats. In general a well landscaped and colourful world inspired by Fortnite, with a lot to discover in each of the 4 big areas which should have a distinct style. But also with many chances to earn tcg2 coins or NFTs in more ways so that even casual gamers will have a reason to wander around and play. What will generate value in the end will be the number of casual players, so we need to find a way to make gaming interesting and accessible also for people unable to invest in plots. So, please, optimize the system requirements in order to allow also people with a simple PC or laptop enjoying the game.

The team must plan carefully the development of a sustainable non-inflationary economy: this will be the key. We all cannot wait to learn more about how the economy will work, particularly for farming but not only.

- An area with huge, long, and pictoresque caves to explore where we could get lost while hunting NFTs and finding gems/crystals.

- A Westworld movie (1973, with Yul Brinner) inspired theme Park area with a western world, and an ancient Rome world.

You can add more on the Facebook post, or just tag David in the TCG Telegram groups!

New Videos!

What's New?

This tweet is new!

Today's Sprite Report is brought to you by DeSo Syndicate!

Don't know what to do with your plot? How about putting a frickin' Castle on it! Heck yeah!

Check out their website for assets you can use in TCG World! TCG Castle Promo Soon!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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