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TCG World Metaverse News for November 30th 2022

Recent Updates:

- If you're reading this today, November 30th, this is the LAST DAY to take advantage of the BOGO sale they have. You buy 1 plot of land, you get a 2nd plot free plus TWO castles to put on them. Put in referral code PLOTOWNERS when purchasing to participate.

- TCG has added a banner to the website for the sale.

- TCG World had an amazing AMA on Cyber Monday. It's well worth a watch!

- But of course.. if you don't have time to watch.. I always have the highlights for it! Go here for them:

- Lots of dragon sales since the AMA announced the Dragon Whitepaper.

- See the Dragon Whitepaper here:

- Dragons are up to 1,475 ETH Volume

- 31 Dragon sales Monday, 37 Dragon sales Tuesday.

- Stealth game update: Aiming has been improved for ring tossing at Sprites.

- Blaze made a video about this change, showing the difference between what it was like before and now. It's a very quick video.

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- Blaze also did a video last week explaining the Metaverse. It's a longer video and goes over a lot, but if you have a friend or someone who's on the fence, this is a great video to show them! And it's from the viewpoint of an investor which I think a lot of people will appreciate.

- A TCG World Advent Calendar to start on December 1st. It will be 25 days of Giveaways leading up to December 25th. It will be gleam giveaways, with many different options on how to enter. More info to be posted on Twitter and everywhere each day. Each giveaway is expected to be 48 hours long to allow all time zones to participate. This is my first time leading something like this, so be gentle!

- Additionally TCG has updated their profile pics on all socials to be holiday themed!

- Paul Reeves, Co-Founder of TCG, posted a cool image he made. Find it below and on his tweet here:

- Some scumbag worthless piece of crap low-life future prisoner is pretending to be Tyler from TCG World over on Twitter. He's tagging folks left and right and there's a fake TCG website and a fake whitepaper link that takes you to Telegram. Don't fall for this crap folks. These scammers will drain your wallet clean.

Important - please read this and know how they try to scam you so you can avoid it!

- David says the 2000 plots for Dragon Island will likely be taken out of the 100,000 plots on the main map. Will be interesting to see how that is decided. He said this in the plot chat, but it has been shared outside of it. Here's Paul's share:

- TCG World is sponsoring a VEEFRIENDS Event in Miami. Source and Ticket Link:

- GGTOOR usually posts an update on Tuesdays, but there have not been updates this week or last, likely due to the Thanksgiving holiday. We may see something soon.. but their last update that concerned TCG World was this one from Nov16th: Nerdland LLC., financing is progressing nicely and although a closing date has not been provided by the lender. Nerdland assets are being appraised and evaluated and the value of those assets will be the most critical aspect of the final approval from the lender. The Company can confirm the lender really loves the Nerdland project and they are committed to do everything within their underwriting guidelines to close Nerdland’s financing.

The Company can announce interest in its commercial parcels of virtual land in GGTOORCITY has slowed but the few customers who have expressed serious interest are moving forward. The Company expects to announce at least one sale soon.

- Here's some pictures the community gave me featuring the North - ya know... the Christmas region in TCG World!

- And some recent pics of me Sprite Hunting.. capturing two at a time! Yee Haw!

- The Sprite Report has had to take a little break due to the holidays. My real life business picks up and I ship stuff all day starting the end of November all the way leading up to Christmas. So the daily report will likely not return.. but I'll push out some posts like this one whenever I'm able to! I really need a partner : )

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! See ya soon!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report!

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