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TCG World Metaverse News for July 5th 2022

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COUNTDOWN: Just 3 Days until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

Get your tickets here:

Another way to get tickets:


- The Metaverse Expo is THIS WEEK! Just 3 days away. We're almost there folks! Buckle up.

- New Video shows some of the entertainment for Friday's VIP Party.

The video shows some of the speakers:

- Andrew Cartwright - Expert Digital Real Estate Investor

- Alex Nase - Director of Business Development TCG Gaming

- Frank Curzio - Host of "Wall Street Unplugged"

It also shows images of Andre, Tyler and Justin (TCG Real Estate Agents)

The video lists the following entertainers: DYL - Platinum Artist

Rio Santana - Platinum Recording Artist

DJ Pension - Platinum Producer/DJ

Matt Corman - Over 60m Streams

See the video below:

- New Earn Graphic:

- An ecosystem that rewards players.

- Gamified TCG2 Staking

- Monetize your creations

- Display and sell NFT art

- Build a successful business

- Learn to earn at the TCG World University

- Passive income if you own a farm or business


Some good reads:

Most noteworthy:

GGToor will be at the Metaverse Expo 2022 that will be held at the renowned Las Vegas Convention Center next week, and the Company is also hosting an in-person Call of Duty Vanguard event with TCG World, featuring a whopping $30,000 in prizes! From show-stopping entertainment and exhilarating sporting events to the top expos, Las Vegas is where the most influential brands gather. This event, brought to you by TCG World & JPiC, aims to bring together innovative entrepreneurs to connect and interact with industry leaders impacting the Metaverse, Gaming and NFT Space. GGToor is excited to be part of the future in the Metaverse, where we are developing an entire city. The GGToor tournament arena will be the central focal point of GGTOORCITY. This one-of-a-kind, virtual gaming arena will be capable of holding 30-live streaming video game tournaments at a time!
The Company anticipates that when fully implemented, GGTOOR TOURNAMENT ARENA will attract thousands of gamers and hundreds of thousands of viewers daily. Construction will begin August 2022 and the Company expects the ARENA to be fully operational in 2023. GGTOOR TOURNAMENT ARENA will stand as testament to the core values that GGTOOR was founded under, which is to provide gamers around the world with a vast diversity of gaming options while offering players the opportunity to win cash and prizes.

New Exhibitors listed on the Metaverse Expo Website:

A bunch of partners and potential partners?


- You have a Chance to win Tickets to the Metaverse Expo! Just snap a pic of the billboard! Follow instructions here:

- Tweet Deck:

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