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TCG World Metaverse News for July 2nd 2022

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COUNTDOWN: Just 6 Days until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

Get your tickets here:



Here's the list with some clickable links!

A004 Oribis86

A006 Valor Sports Coin (Ken Shamrock's Project)

A007 PulseCon 2022


A010 Chaotic DJs

A070 NeaderBros (They won the booth giveaway!)

A011 Planet Xolo

A012 SchoolCoin

A015 CryptoBlast


A017 The HighMonks

A018 Pi Protocol

A019 Son of Doge

A020 Wealthy Vibes

A024 TheMaticGreys LLC (best lil Aliens out there)

A025 ORIGIN Metaverse

A026 Venly

A027 Rhythm Vizion

A028 Digital niche Agency

A038 3Pay

A042 CryptoMerch

A058 CryptoLoops

A074 MintEvent

A075 Propyverse

A076 Sagaverse

A077 Source Protocol

B01 Ape in Poker

B02 Curzio Research (They bought 5m dollars in Land in TCG World)

B03 Greed (GREED IS GOOD!)

B04 Cory Connects

B06 Freckle

B12 Zoan

B13 TCG World Real Estate (Likely the famous trio: Tyler, Andrew and Justin)

C05 Web 3 Comics LLC


I apologize as I'm only linking some, some of the above I'm not familiar with and do not want to link the wrong project.

See the original twitter post from the Metaverse Expo 2022 here:

David's Challenge to a bored Elon Musk:

A reminder:

With the Expo next week, be mindful that most of the team is travelling, settling into hotels, and not in their normal environment. Please have patience if you send them messages or have any questions, as they may not be able to respond in a timely manner during the next week, or even the next two weeks. With that said, still ask any questions that need to be asked in the chats, they will get to you eventually!

Future Thought

The below is a quote from David from the exclusive plot chat. I don't usually post anything from that private chat, but I feel this is the way everyone should be thinking in regards to TCG World.

We need to move away from thinking of everything as Crypto and NFTs and think more about Gaming and in Game items to attract the mainstream gamers

SpriteWriter thoughts: I'm really happy with this direction - and TCG World has been saying stuff like this for months now. TCG World needs to be fun and interactive, not a dead zone metaverse like some out there. Not everything should be flat, not everywhere you look should be a business or an advertisement. Those will be in the game of course, but the metaverse they hope to have is one that challenges people in several different ways. Gamify farming. Challenging mini games that will earn you fun NFTs. Gamify everything while coming together. Others say it better than I can... but I view TCG World as a game first, crypto project second. Just my personal thoughts.


The reveal happened yesterday, and there were tons of TCG World themed Skunkz shown!

A cool Matic Grey collab one!

Thor is missing Mjolner!

These are just 3 of the skunkz revealed that were TCG World themed! So dang cool! I appreciate the people who lent me their skunkz for this article!

You can still mint a Skunk! All the info is below:

Here is their Telegram:


Skunkz Linkz: Telegram:

Click the bear image below for Alpha Pictures!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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