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TCG World Metaverse News for July 29th 2022 + AMA #46 Highlights

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If you're in the Washington D.C. area you can get a free ticket to A Taste of the DMV if you own either a Land Plot in TCG World, or a TCG Dragon Cave Club NFT.

A Taste of the DMV is a late afternoon & evening of Food, Culture, Music & Fun. Businesses from all over the DMV will be on display. Unique Food, Cultural entertainment and more! And a NIGHT SHOW!

Check out my writeup for all the details and HOW TO GET THE FREE TICKETS for this awesome event:

Here's their website to learn more: www.Atasteofdmv.Com

Disclaimer: The Sprite Report is not affiliated with the above event at all. I'm just helping advertise it for a friend and for free. I hope that some folks are able to take advantage of the free ticket offer and please tag The Sprite Report if you take any pictures!

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- Starts off with a slideshow of Jon Dixon's photos in Alpha.

- Shouts out Jon

- Alex is back from Florida. His family went to Universal Studios and Disney World.

- Vegas Expo Recap: TCG hosted a Metaverse Expo July 8-10th. A lot of the team got to meet each other for the first time, plus members of the community. It was a very busy week for them. It was a good time to grow relationships, meet new folks, get contacts, etc. TCG learned a lot from it and plans to use the feedback and lessons learned if they ever do another one. There were lots of panels, speakers, it was very educational. Alex shared the following photos:

- TCG2 was launched on Uniswap.

- Diamond Plot owners are in Alpha.

- Shouts out Thousandaire - community member, DJ, and he did a bunch of cool cards with the TCG sprites.

- GGTOOR sold a city plot for 1.8 million dollars.

- Eric Chan is at NFT Expoverse in L.A. this weekend.

- Partner Shoutout to Collect-A-Ball who did a box break with Gary Vee.

- In TCG World, the roads are getting upgraded.

- Multiplayer Test Limits (Also Creatures/Sprites), releases this card photo:

- 2 NDAs were signed from the Vegas Expo. 2 companies that met them in Vegas. Fairly large companies. No hints.

- Met with a gaming engine and starts with a U (gee I wonder who)

- Alex created a video with Jon's gifs/pictures and showed it. Shared it on stream.

- The OASIS will be opening soon! A party island! Games, giveaways and more!

The Alpha Build is at 2.9.5 - soon to be 3.0.0. 3.0.0 will have new content Alex shares some of the update notes - Platinums will join in at 3.0.0.

That was the end of the AMA, it moved over to TCG's telegram where CryptoBull held a multi-hour AMA discussion.

AMA Video is here:


- A medium article that mentions TCG came out today: Top 3 Cryptos to Invest In Right Now

- Baldbro, one of the main moderators for TCG World, had a great comment in chat. Too big for Telegram to let me take 1 photo of it lol.

Good stuff!

- MetaBitBoys is giving away some NFTs, including 2 silver plots in TCG World. Watch the video:

- Cryptos Richboy still producing 3-5 videos about TCG World weekly!


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