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TCG World Metaverse News for July 24th 2022

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- The Metaverse Expo Twitter account tweeted out the winners list for the Call of Duty competition yesterday. The winners were paid out in TCG2. Hopefully they hold it to use in TCG World : )

- Players are having a lot of fun in the TCG World Alpha so far. Oggy has been throwing rings from a dragon live on his Twitch. It's unknown if we'll be able to catch Sprites from atop a dragon in the launched version of the game, but ya never know!

Check out Oggy's Twitch here:

And HalfmanHalfzombie has been having fun building and taking sick jumps with a monster truck! I've done this a few times myself : ) More sick jumps from him in the TCG plot owner group!

Lava Head's Twitter Here:

Hey Halfman - maybe you should check these coordinates out:


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