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TCG World Metaverse News for July 22nd 2022

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- There was no AMA today. Alex is on Vacation. I would expect the AMAs to resume next Friday.

- TCG World tweeted out a Gold Plot benefits image. Yesterday's was Silver (also below) - will tomorrow's be Platinum? Will they do Diamonds even though they're completely sold out? We shall see!


- Fun fact - It takes 42 minutes for Bear to jog from the very top of the East to the very bottom of the East in a straight line (ish - he's a Bear, he tried). I say it's a bear JOG 'cause the avatars currently look like they're jogging and I've seen them walk before. It's a slow walk. But I thought you'd enjoy this info!

- I was exploring the North last night and found a stack of 3 logs. I was in the North for a long while and didn't see any other stacks 3 high. I saw some others that were 2 high - and a different graphic of 2 highs too.. but no more threes. I found this interesting enough to post in here. Slow day?

- MetaBitBros has a short interview with Eric Chan from TCG World! See it below:

Speaking of Eric Chan - he's at San Diego Comic Con right now! I'm very jealous!

- There's some interesting comments about The Marina area from David in the Plot Owner chat! Just saying!


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Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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