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TCG World Metaverse News for July 1st 2022

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COUNTDOWN: Just 1 Week (7 Days) until the Metaverse Expo, Hosted by TCG World!

Get your tickets here:


Friday Live Stream AMA #44 Highlights:

- Shouts out Jon Dixon for posting tons of Alpha pictures.

- Current Alpha build is 2.8.4

- TCG is adding a lot more content to the world

- New York Recap: Eric and Alex attended multiple events to network with people and projects. Basically New York was very productive and a lot of potential things happening in the background. He shared a side satellite events list (2 pictures) with VIP parties and events they got to choose from and attend some:

- Talks about the Expo Twitter Space from Wednesday. Shared this photo of some of the speakers:

- Talks about the Satoshi Island collaboration.

- TCG World will be on the real Satoshi Island and have a headquarters in real life. Satoshi Island will be built in TCG World for their community to have fun on.

- Clipz coming on as Gaming Advisor. He is the founder of Faze Clan. He will be helping make TCG World "fun" with lots of gaming elements.

- Dawson Gaming and D3esports Announced. They will be giving TCG some Racing Rigs to have fun with at the Expo next week.

- Alex teases some new sprites, will possibly post them next week.

- Road systems are getting upgraded in TCG World.

- Optimizing multiplayer elements and creatures.

- Talks about a new AMA format. He's seeking feedback. How can AMAs be better?

- Talks about using the GGTOOR stadium for the AMA setup. Shares two pictures:

- Talks about doing trivia, quizes, giveaways and such during these AMAs potentially.

- Talks about the Expo: They're doing a Call of Duty 1v1 competition.

- And a D3esports Racing Competition:

- He says there might be more bonuses for this, like a trip involved, opportunity to join a race team, etc.

- Talks about Vegas swag (shirts) and other giveaways at the Metaverse Expo!

- All the speakers are locked in for the Metaverse Expo. Shows these pics, can't read much on them, hopefully these will be released elsewhere:

- VIP Pool Party with Lil Yachty announced!

- Real Estate Event at the Sahara Casino

- Influencer marketing starting today / tonight! Alex says 30-40 influencers talking about TCG World and the Metaverse Expo! Wen marketing? Now!

- TV show being produced in Vegas at the Metaverse Expo - called Crypto Kings. Talks about private jets, private cars, high production show.

- He says there will be more Vegas surprises this coming week.

- Talks about building the product first and then market. A lot of companies market first while not having much of a product to show. Word of mouth has got us to this point.

The AMA moved over to TCG's Telegram:

The video can be found here:

Other News:

Alex's animated pictures - He took the time to animate some photos posted by Jon and myself in Telegram. They look pretty dang cool. Here's one of them below - check out his Twitter for a bunch more! They're also posted on the TCG World Telegram (Search Alex's posts).


Collect-A-Ball is an official partner with TCG World. You can find them in the Forest region! There's a chance to win a gold plot in TCG World if you mint their NFTs! Winner to be announced live at the Metaverse Expo

Here's the details:

We are giving away a gold plot and a Pokemon Celebrations UPC!

✨Ultra Premium Gold Giveaway✨

😍Mint a Collect-A-Ball NFT to enter to win a Gold Forrest Plot in the TCG World Metaverse and a Pokemon Celebrations UPC!

1 Mint = 1 Entry

5 Mints = 10 Entries

10 Mints = 20 Entries

⏰Winner will be announced at the Metaverse Expo 2022 in Las Vegas on July 9th!

👉Mint Now To Enter:


Community member Thousandaire C quel and his son Loyalty the Kid will be performing at the Metaverse Expo all 3 days! Also he will be on a panel as a guest. Graphic and schedule below.


At 5pm Walt is going to open a voice chat over on the Crypto Skunkz telegram and they will press the reveal button soon after.

Here is their Telegram:


Skunkz Linkz: Telegram:

Click the bear image below for Alpha Pictures!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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