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TCG World Metaverse News for July 19th 2022

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- Biggest News of the day is GGTOOR selling their first plot! And with it, BASKETBALL come to TCG World!


- The deal was worth $1.8 million USD

- It was for a 256m x 256m parcel in GGTOORCITY within TCG World.

- This sale is a direct result of the Company attending the Metaverse Expo 2022.

- The plot was purchased by BALLIN’ IN THE METAVERSE, a web3 company founded by RJ White and Cory Warfield.

- RJ White owns 2 basketball teams and plans to bring them into TCG World, along with a replica of their stadium.

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The Community's Alpha Pics Are Flooding Social Media!

Do a search of "TCG World" and go to "latest" on Twitter and you'll find TONS of new pics from the community! Loving seeing the community get excited about TCG World!