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TCG World Metaverse News for July 15th 2022

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Important - There is no Live Stream / AMA today with Alex. But.. there may be other things to watch or listen to. Pay attention to the TCG Telegram groups tonight for voice chats.. or potentially other things... TCG World main telegram:

Diamond Access to the Alpha of TCG World is expected to be made available on MONDAY! This is the first taste for the community, non-team members, to get into the game for themselves.

What can you expect in ALPHA?

-Full World generation - They are generating the world still, and you may notice some areas aren't in. Or some areas that were in a few days ago may disappear when they work on them. This is normal : )

-Procedurally generated landscaping - Make sure to take some awesome shots to post on socials!

-Road generation - The roads are still being generated. David has said to expect most or all of the roads in version 3.0.0. The Forest, East and Asia have a lot of the roads. North had some, but they're being worked on.

-Log into any plot you own! Aka Teleport to any plot you own.

-In-game builder - try it out!

-Access to vehicles - including a dragon and a plane.

-Partner buildings - currently a lot of partner plots are not in-game at the moment as they are being upgraded and worked on behind the scenes. I haven't heard an ETA when they will reappear.

-Creature spawning - currently there are no sprites in Alpha at the moment.

-Possible V1 creature capture mechanics - You do have the ability to throw rings and capture sprites. I have not mastered it when there were sprites in there, and it's rather rudimentary and not finalized. So don't go in thinking this is the way it'll be (assuming Sprites are put in soon).


- You have to have an account with TCG World on

- You log in with your info from there. Your email and password.

- All of your lands connected will automatically show in "My Lands" up at the top of your screen in-game. You can teleport to each one. (Some times in Alpha some are disabled.

- You can change your user name freely on under your account. This name is displayed above your Avatar.

- When getting into the game, you select a server from the server list. You can also choose on of your lands to start in - however this is not required.

AVATARS - There's a variety of Avatars available to choose from. Or you can upload your own custom on via ReadyPlayerMe. Use this link to make your avatar:


ESC - This has all the commands and menu there. Exit, Settings, etc. ESC also will get you out of most windows.

MOVING - get used to using WASD. You can also use the mouse to kinda command where you go and change camera angles. Basically.. if you've played any other game with WASD controls you're GOOD!

E - Interact - get in cars, get on a dragon, eject and dismount.

T - Chat - I've never used it. Press ESC to get out of that window.

Space - Jump

SHIFT - Run / Fly Faster

TAB - Probably the most important thing on this list is TAB. Get used to using it. You have to press TAB to access your mouse. So if you want to access your Inventory or Land, press Tab then move your mouse. Press Tab again to gain control of the camera with the mouse again.

F - Emojis - Press F and a wheel turns up, and your mouse is activated. You can use your mouse to select an emoji.

C - Crouch (useful for some photos)

Flying: Press Q then the space bar to start flying. This takes some getting used to.

V - The in-game menu says V is for "mouse and keys controls" - this is inaccurate. V is used when you're in a plot to zoom out. Might have other uses but I don't know them.

Q - Roll over - You have to be moving forward - so W and Q are used together.

FLYING: Q and Space to start flying. C makes you go down. I use the mouse to change directions, but you can also use WASD as well.

MOUSE WHEEL - Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out when on a dragon or in a car.

Everything takes some getting used to but it's simple I assure you : )

Here's the order for Alpha:

-Currently in Alpha is:

•The Management team

•The Moderation/Real Estate & Lore team

-Next will be:

•Diamond plot owners (Monday!)

-Followed by:

•Platinum plot owners & Partner Leadership

•The G