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TCG World Metaverse News for July 13th 2022

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Gotta love when you see "David is typing..." 'cause you know it's something good, and today was no exception! These were first put in the plot owner group, then shared in the main group.

David Evans 🇬🇧 I Will Never DM First, [7/13/2022 2:01 PM]
Second: The Metaverse Expo! All I can say is from TCG Worlds side it was amazing, we got to meet so many partners, speakers and influencers. We had members of FaZe Clan, other eSports competitors, crypto investors, Casinos, resorts, architects, companies looking to get into the Metaverse and it was literally non stop for me and everyone on the team. Everyone worked themselves into the ground, most of us couldn't talk by the 2nd day of the expo. Yes it would have been great to have more foot traffic through the doors but the experience to meet everyone face to face especially in the Crypto space was amazing and I couldnt have wished for a better team out there. I think everyone needs a couple of days to recover, get home and get back to normal but we have tons of content to start showcasing and promoting which was the main focus of the Expo. We will be working directly with every partner and exhibitor that was there to make sure that everyone gets promoted and ongoing promotions from TCG World as we grow over the coming months. The quality of the leads we had I have never seen at an Expo and I used to do Expos every week for 10 years. most Expos are filled with timewasters wanting something for free but everyone that attended that I met or the team met with were genuinely interested in the Metaverse and TCG World. I hope the team all manages to enjoy a few days now with family and travel ready for the next few weeks ahead!
David Evans 🇬🇧 I Will Never DM First, [7/13/2022 2:06 PM]
Third: Alpha!!!! As I have said I am happy with the current state of Alpha to start opening it up to the groups as stated. I have discussed this over the last few hours with @cyberinvader and the plan is to open up to Diamond Holders on Monday. This gives the team a few days to recover and provide support to anyone that needs it to ensure they get a good experience. There will be 2 new versions created in the next week. Diamond holders will have access to version 2.9.3 whilst we also work on version 3.0.0 which has alot of the road networks in it which will make travel much more enjoyable. We Once Diamonds have access we will open to Platinum's then soon after this group. We want everyone to be able to explore, travel etc and then once Alpha is in full swing we will continue to work on the creature mechanics, battles, quests, architects etc with the plan to have them released around September. In the meantime I want to give everyone an indication of the scale of the taks we are working through every day to provide this experience to you all

These shots are all from the middle Asia city square in TCG World! Beuatiful shots!


- The CoD tournament gave away $30,000 worth of TCG2 to winners!

PJ Krypto's Metaverse Expo Coverage: 7-13-2022 - Interview With CRYPTOBLAST Project | The 2022 Metaverse Expo


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Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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