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TCG World Metaverse News for July 11th 2022

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The Metaverse Expo is over. People are getting home, or are actively travelling. Today was pretty slow with the exception of even more pictures and videos being released from the weekend's Expo! See them in the Tweet Deck below.

- MetaBitBros posted a lot of videos today of the Metaverse Expo! Visit them here:

- The Dragons did hit 1,000 ETH volume traded though! That's awesome!

Screenshot taken on 7-11-2022.


Everyone wants to know where the alien biomes are. I can tell you that during Alpha the Alien stuff has moved and moved again. They've even changed out what has been in the Alien biome, and added even more alien stuff to it. So disclaimer - these coordinates may change. But if you watch a few videos from this past weekend's Expo, you saw a few people near the Alien stuff.


Every time I'm able to explore in Alpha I find new roads - roads that weren't there before. The dev team is putting in more and more every week.

What I can tell you is this. While the main roads basically follow the grid pattern outside of the plot areas, TCG World has smaller roads that go into the plot areas. They are windy and curve around plots. On a rare occasion they even get close to platinum and diamond plots in certain locations. Disclaimer: This is Alpha and the world is still in development, the roads may move throughout the development process.

There are two types of roads so far.

4-lane roads are basically a highway system I'd call them. These are the roads that are, for the most part, outside of the plot square areas. Although I have seen them dip inside the lines in some places. These tend to be straighter BUT are usually very windy as well. Nothing is straight or flat in TCG World.

2-lane roads are smaller and are found winding through the plot areas. These roads get very close to plots very often, with some plots right on the edge of the roads in some cases. These roads can also get close to golds, platinums and diamonds in spots.

Again, this is Alpha, and only my observations on this day. The game is in development still and these roads may change.

Here are some images of the roads I've found in the East Region as seen from very high above to show how windy they are.

Here's some from the Forest Region:


Love this video from Son of Doge which covered a lot of their weekend:

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Click the bear image below for Alpha Pictures!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report! As always, I'll see you tomorrow!

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