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TCG World Metaverse News for August 8th 2022

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- SEEK has an open invitation to holders of their partner's coins to join a Call of Duty Tournament. Multiple teams can sign up. Entry fee is 0.3 BNB per team and you'll need to be an active holder of TCG2!

Here's all the details:

🔥SOS Call of Duty Tournament

Hosted by S3EK and Snafu Elite Token🔥

Aug 28th 2pm-5pm est


Entry Fee .3 bnb per team to enter

Must hold tokens of the team they are representing

Prize pool will pay top three teams

You will have 3 hours to play your games and 15 minutes to submit your best Five games under the tournament you registered for to the Designated TG Member. Example: Tournament begins at 2:00PM you have until 5:00PM to play your games and must submit your scores with photo/video evidence by 5:15PM to the Designated TG Member. At least one player on each team must have the clan tag SOS in their clan tag.. Failure to submit your scores and upload proof (pictures/video) will result in a 0 for your team.

Format: Your team will be joining a Rebirth Resurgence Quads match and playing for most kills and placement points with your teammates.

Scoring: 1 point per kill.

5 points for a win. 4 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, 2 points for 4th and 1 for 5th place.

The team is responsible for submitting scores under the tournament you’re registered for on the Drop-In Gaming website.

Results: The team with the best total score at the end of the time frame will be the winner and announced on the SOS TG. If there is a tie both teams will be notified. The tiebreaker will be one more game played at a set time. Team with most points at the end of that game will be the winner

No late submissions will be taken into account for scoring.

Streaming: All teams must have one player streaming their games. Confirm “Streamer” when creating your team with address to watch their game play. Please note; anyone who has any suspicion towards them of cheating will be required to stream. It is 100% up to our admins to make a judgement call given the evidence of a cheater. If caught cheating the team will be disqualified

Disconnections: Teammate/s who disconnect during the match will be able to

get their scores before disconnecting via COD Tracker. If you or your teammate/s disconnects during the kill race you can continue the game play and take a photo at the end of the game with the remaining teammates and have that game count towards your total score if you’re not able to get photos from COD Tracker before the time limit.

Contact @erosco87 (Evan) from Seek on Telegram, his user name is @erosco87

- Today the Moderators were given access to Party Island. Likely the next groups will get in soon, probably within a few days at most. Just a guess.

- Andre had a wonderful post about Alex leaving. I wanted to repost it here as well.

- David is hoping to do a video chat live on Telegram tomorrow. No time frame, but watch for it. Always good to see him!

- There are SEVERAL new videos on Telegram. Look for Jon Dixon's videos, some very good ones! Also there is a TWO MINUTE video preview of The Oasis / Party Island posted by David over in the Plot Owner group. Exclusive there for the time being. Gets you very excited!

- TCG announced the winner of their last contest! Congrats Tommi!


Meta Bit Bros is giving away a lot of NFTs, including the main prize x2 silver plots in TCG World! The giveaway goes until August 11th when the winners will be announced via a live Twitter Space.

Here's how to enter:


At the very least when viewing TCG World Tweets, please LIKE and RETWEET. Especially Retweet, as that really helps to spread word to the next potential investor!

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