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TCG World Metaverse News for August 7th 2022

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- The news that dominated the day was Alex Nase announcing his departure from TCG World. Here's what he posted:

He also posted the same over on Facebook and on Twitter.

Who's filling in? There's been some promotions! Eric Chan, Christopher Berrios (from WallStreetBets FB Group), Jon Dixon, and CryptoBull will be stepping up in various rolls for TCG World. CryptoBull spilled the beans:

Congratulations to everyone who got promoted! And we wish Alex well on his new adventures, and thank you very much for all that you did for TCG World! Legend.

- Thousandaire is having some fun with graphics! He posted this on Telegram:

- Codingus posted a picture of his wife in an awesome TCG World shirt!

- NEW OASIS VIDEO! Party Island looks amazing! It'll be just a small chunk separate of the main game for everyone to try out! Fireworks, dancing, driving, island, yachts, beach, MUSIC, Videos, tons of fun!

See the video here:

- Jon Dixon did a stream recently - he built a house with a kitchen, bathroom, lounge, garage, 4 bedrooms - all in 30 minutes!

Video here for the next 12 or so days:

New Videos on Youtube:


Meta Bit Bros is giving away a lot of NFTs, including the main prize x2 silver plots in TCG World! The giveaway goes until August 11th when the winners will be announced via a live Twitter Space.

Here's how to enter:


At the very least when viewing TCG World Tweets, please LIKE and RETWEET. Especially Retweet, as that really helps to spread word to the next potential investor!

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