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TCG World Metaverse News for August 6th 2022

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- Justin did an AMA with last night, talking about TCG World and TCG World Real Estate. Listen to the recording here:

- While the side roads are windy and curvy, getting up close and personal to many plots along the way, the main roads (highways?) seem to be shaping up in Alpha.

In the East, near the starter Hub and Starship's plot, was the first road North to South put in. It connects in the middle and goes out West and East, making a plus sign. This seems to be repeated in the Forest Region, and now evidence of it in Asia as well.

On a stream today on the Lava Head Guild's Twitch, we saw the Asia city and the beginnings of some of the same roads like we see in the other regions. Will the North region follow suit? I suspect so, but there's no evidence of roads there yet.

Map not 100% accurate, as there are some slight curves in areas, but mostly the roads are straight up and down, and left to right.

Will we see bridges to connect the regions?

Maybe tunnels?

Maybe a giant launcher to get you to the other side?

A portal to the other side?

Fun things to think about!


Meta Bit Bros is giving away a lot of NFTs, including the main prize x2 silver plots in TCG World! The giveaway goes until August 11th when the winners will be announced via a live Twitter Space.

Here's how to enter:


At the very least when viewing TCG World Tweets, please LIKE and RETWEET. Especially Retweet, as that really helps to spread word to the next potential investor!

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