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TCG World Metaverse News for August 29th 2022

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Feature Story: MEMORY LANE

What's currently not in the game, but has been shown to us? IT'S A LONG LIST.

From the simple things like weather to the pegasus we saw a long time back. TCG has shown us a lot, and mentioned even more. This game is going to be filled with at on of cool things. All of this is yet to come!

Let's take a look at some things we've seen, but are currently MIA.

- WEATHER: We've seen rain, we've seen snow. Weather will be put in TCG World to make it even more awesome! Here's two pictures of me in the game when it snowed:

- THE DRAGON AUDITORIUM: This place was near the starter hub and has been shown in videos previously during the AMAs. It's a huge structure with a stage and chair surrounding it. A great place to hold a play, TED talk or special events. Outside leading up to the structure is a long stairway surrounded by the Dragon NFTs.

And here's a video of it:

- PARTNER PLOTS: These are being worked on and will be back soon! Both WallstreetBets plots, Elongate, Women in Crypto, CryptoMom, RetroDefi, Greed and more are all of the map currently, but should come back soon!

Here's a shot of me outside of CryptoMom's place:

- THE JASON PAIGE STATUES - These were so awesome and one of the first things we saw from TCG World. Since these are rather old, and are based off of the old avatars, I wonder if they'll make it to the game? And where? (I would guess, based upon the map and that these are an "entrance" kinda.. I'd say somewhere between Asia and North)

- DRAGON ON A BRIDGE: In the same video that shows the Jason Paige statues, we see a town near the water in the North and a dragon on a bridge!

- PLAYFUL AVATARS AT THE HUB: When I first loaded in, there were a ton of NPCs at the hub! Some were chatting with each other as friends, there were bartenders and patrons. It was fun seeing them all!

Here's one of my first adventures within TCG World:

THE PEGASUS: Everyone wants one. I decided on a Pegasus for the The Sprite Report Logo and branding. I'd love one in game (especially a blue/green one like my logo!) Will they ever return?

NEW DANCES: In the Oasis Island video you can see dances that are currently not able to be done within TCG World! Can't wait for these!

ISLAND PARADISE: These islands are on the map, but when you visit them there's nothing to look at. This island video is absolutely stunning, I can't wait until this is in the game! EPIC VIDEO!

PLACEHOLDER HOUSES AND DECORATIONS: In all regions, when I first got in, there were placeholder houses and items on the plots within TCG World.

East: Desert like camps and structures, very much reminding me of Indiana Jones.

Forest: Small tents and camp fires, also some log cabin type structures.

Asia: Asian themed structures everywhere. North: Hasn't been much shown from the North but some structures have shown up in videos.

All of this is not currently in the game. Will they return to make the un-used plots look more busy? I kinda hope so!

Here's some of what I mean:

- ALIEN BIOME ORANGE BULBS: If I had to guess, the current version of Alpha has these disabled. Bulbs are in the game currently, but they're not bright orange, they're a dull color. I hope they return or are fixed because these were some of my favorite things in Alpha!

- CRYSTALS TO CRACK FOR TCG2: These pink crystals are expected to be used to crack and earn some TCG2 in the game. Not currently in this version.

- GLORIOUS MOUNTAINS: These for sure will be back. These were along the top of the map and were very fun to hike and get to the top of. They were so high that dragons couldn't get you to the top, you had to hoof it. I did a whole Sprite Report dedicated to it.

Here's that article from May 28th: Hiking the Metaverse

- THE VOLCANO: The volcano, and all the lava flows, are not in the current version of Alpha. Something definitely to look forward to, this was an amazing spot! There were even bursts of magma being flung fromt he volcano to areas below. The volcano was another one I did a Sprite Report for, back on my birthday!

- THE VOLCANO CAVE: There is a cave in this version of Alpha, but it is a LOT different. It doesn't have the dragon eggs. It doesn't have the dragon spewing fire as seen in the videos. Can't wait for it to return!

This video shows the volcano and the cave:

- TIME: Time is disabled in TCG World at the moment. The first month or two of Alpha the time was on a normal schedule. The mornings and evenings are absolutely beautiful, and the stars in the sky, especially when they move and rotate with the world, are stunning.

- THE RIVER: The river area, as discovered by Jace back on an early Alpha stream, leads from the Bored Ape Plot to the larger river that separates the East and the Forest. They removed it... but good news, it's coming back!

- WHTIEBIT: Whitebit is an official partner of TCG World AND they've built a headquarters inside TCG World. It hasn't made it to Alpha yet - another thing to look forward to!

Video from way back in January:

- SWIMMING: Players can have fun swimming on the Oasis Island build, but swimming is not in the Alpha yet! Can't wait to see Bear swim once more!

(Sorry, couldn't find the pics of my bear swimming!)

- THE ROCK CLIFF: When the Marina was put in TCG World, there was a giant rock cliff. They've since removed it. I thought the cliff made the area very unique, I hope it returns, maybe in another area?

- OPENING AND CLOSING ROLLING DOORS: This one was a pain, because when the Port was put in, it had a building with some roll up doors. Unfortunately they also caused a loud, annoying sound you could not disable. It was painful. Obviously they had to be removed - I hope they'll be back! Good to see some function in the game like this!

Jon had an awesome video showing it in action:

- THE BIG ONE! FARMING! Farming is coming! We haven't seen it in action yet, but in old, old, old videos with old graphics, we saw what farms could potentially look like.

And this video from 11 months ago:

Wow we've come a long way lol.

- FLYING CARS: Seen in old videos only, like the WallStreetBets one. Would you want a flying car? Again.. OLD GRAPHICS.

And of course there's a ton of other things to get excited about: Forming businesses in TCG World, skiing, golfing, all the attractions on the map, Sprites - hunting sprites, capturing them, evolving them, battling sprites, etc. Mini games. So much more to this game!

Have I forgotten anything? Let me know!

Most of this stuff I've mentioned that is missing is going to come back better than ever! I wanted to do this article to remind folks that there's so much MORE, even to the Alpha that you see, that TCG World has in store for you all. I'm hyped beyond belief!


New video from PJ showing his staking rewards:

- New Dragon Sprite Graphic confirms them for the Volcano area:

- IMPORTANT REMINDER: Be safe! There are impostors acting as TCG World staff. Impostors using names that look like the real person, but are not. Always use the verify tool on the website: but please know, they are crafty. The impostor will hide their user names and put a real user name under their bio section. So make sure you're copy/pasting everything, and only copy/paste the user name (NOT THE BIO). If you have message history with the person, check that too. And double check by ASKING IN CHAT to see if the person is real! There are too many people getting scammed. Protect yourself by knowing how these scams work!

- A reminder: Baby Greys to be launched on Wednesday August 31st! Here's all the info:

Hey #NFTCommunity The Baby Greys snapshot will happen Aug 29 or 50% sold! Mint will begin on Aug 31 on Owning a Baby Grey gets you an exclusive Baby Grey companion in @OfficialTCGCoin
! Only 3,500 available!#NFTs #TCGWorld #MetaverseNFT

Who's ready for a Baby Grey IN TCG WORLD!!!!

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