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TCG World Metaverse News for August 20th 2022

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Website Update! Yay! Love it when they add these. 4 months were added. Here's what was added: 0.2.3

Development Updates

August 2022
  • Game development :

    • TCG Party build goes public, achieving 70+ real-time users in multiplayer

    • Inventory UI changes and improvements

    • Creating test builds with creature catch and mint mechanics

    • Builder mechanics improvements based on community feedback

  • Site frontend and backend development :

    • Marketplace and staking development

    • Improving game to web marketplace API for minting creatures and other NFTs

  • World Generation :

    • Asia city version 1.0 implemented into the world

    • GGToor East city development

    • The Procedural Generation algorithm significantly improved

    • View distance increased without performance sacrifices

    • Navigation changes for creatures

  • Blockchain Development :

    • Creatures contract development

  • 0.2.2

Development Updates

July 2022
  • Game development :

    • Explore UI added

    • My Land UI added

    • New Lods system

    • Multiplayer sync improvements

    • Server-side optimization

  • Site frontend and backend development :

    • Marketplace and staking development

  • World Generation :

    • Partner scenes implementation

    • River added

    • Imposters system significantly improved

    • Biomes updates and LODS optimization

  • Blockchain Development :

    • TCG Coin 2.0 Launched on Uniswap

  • 0.2.1

Development Updates

June 2022
  • Game development :

    • Multiplayer migration completed

    • Party scene development

    • TCG World version 2.9.5 goes public for Diamond and Platinum land owners

    • Text and Voice chat development

    • New cars

    • Minimap

    • Builder mechanics improvements

    • Global lightning optimization

    • Inventory logics improvements

    • Added new premade avatars

  • Site frontend and backend development :

    • Marketplace and staking development

  • World Generation :

    • A new water system implemented

    • New road system development and modeling

    • Plots ownership system and sync with the blockchain

    • 5 new biomes were added, 14 biomes updated with new rules

  • Blockchain Development :

    • ETH Presale page launched

  • 0.2.0

Development Updates

May 2022
  • Game development :

    • Multiplayer development based on new multiplayer and server architecture

    • Weather module migration

    • Emotions mechanics added

    • Builder mechanics added

    • GGToor location level design development

  • Site frontend and backend development :

    • Site design updates with new world and biomes content

    • Marketplace initial prototype and development

    • Backend mint mechanics and cross-chain changes

  • World Generation :

    • Procedural generation improvements, new biomes added

    • Map for 20+ biomes is made

    • Terrain heights development

    • Imposters system implemented

    • Race Track

    • Volcano biome

    • World generation changed to 256m chunks for a faster load

    • Asia city development

  • Blockchain Development :

    • TCG Cross chain swap deployed

    • ETH Contract audit

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