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TCG World Live Updates #33 Highlights: Alex, Alpha, Golds Sold, NEW VIDEOS!

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

- Alex is back from a variety of crypto themed conferences in Miami.

- David and Ben are home from a huge conference in Paris.

- Live Update Stream on Youtube with Alex.

- Afterwards, Live AMA over on the Telegram.

- Stream starts off with the Sunrise morning segment shown in Australia a week or so ago. This news segment talks about Virtual Land in Metaverses and shows off TCG World in most of the segment! Click here to see it on Facebook.

- Mentions AMA #29 and #30 and talks about the new graphic updates / landscape videos. (I highly recommend those videos!) Update #29 -

- Gold Plot Presale is Over.

- Miami News - Alex only intended to be there around 4 days, but Alex showed people TCG World and news spread quick, a lot of people wanted to learn more in person. Billionaires.. Celebs.. etc. Ended up being around 14-15 days of meetings.

- Talked with 100s of projects.

- Alex tells a story: There was another metaverse project at NFT Miami, they were streaming their metaverse on the main screens at the convention. Alex talked to them and showed them TCG World, and they just straight up quit. They talked to their team, came back to Alex and said they'd give TCG all their business because it would cost millions to catch up with TCG World. Would rather work with them.

- Talks about some of the metaverses he's seen, a lot of it was stick figures and such, lower than Minecraft quality.

- There was no metaverse project they saw that was near the quality of TCG World.

- Paris News: David and Ben are back from Paris. They had a similar experience, everyone is interested in the metaverse in general and TCG World is way more advanced than most out there currently.

- Expect to hear more news about these trips. They still have a lot of meetings to do, lot of deals to be signed and completed, then announced later. They're working on "jaw-dropping" things behind the scenes with some people you "should know".

- Even more Conventions coming up... They've discovered that meeting in person is turning out to be better spent money than a lot of marketing like banner ads and such. The return in going to these conventions is very good. Going to UK, Australia, maybe Spain and Dubai and more places.

- Upcoming partnerships to announce soon.

- They have around 50-70 meetings to do in the next two weeks - with people that are pretty much already wanting to be in.

- Includes major influencers, sports legends, business CEOs, well known Celebrities and more! A quite diverse list of industries and people who want in the metaverse. This will take time to put together, sign, and eventually announce. No time table.

TCG Giveaway Winners:

- Reddit Sunday Funday Giveaway: m0nom0n wins a Silver Plot AND an Alpha Pass (will be able to play Alpha with the Diamond Holders)

- Twitter Giveaway: KPSmithers419 wins a Silver Plot!

- TCG World Cross Community Event Winners (Twitter Space)

- @metabitbros - Cyber Hornet

- @kraanlol - Animus

- @ChargerBus3 - Collect-A-Ball

- @Panda_Wings - Collect-A-Ball

- @ kareem_0_2 - Delta Chimp

- @Fajuska - x2 Matic Greys

- @EightZer0Six - x2 Matic Greys

- @DocHollister - Silver Plot

- @Ravv39 - Silver Plot

- Alpha News - Streams are coming! Alpha is going good, they ran into a few things that need to be fixed, which is the whole point of Alpha.

- They're updating the world, making it look better, function better, etc.

- Overall things are going pretty well.

- More car designs in the works. Showed the following:

- Biomes are getting updated more. (Forests, Swamps, Tundra, etc.), references AMA #31 that shows some of them.

- Mentions that TCG is hosting Vegas July 8th to 10th. More news about this in the coming weeks.

- Record Land Deals.. Incoming.. One of them was leaked earlier today with the The Dragon Guild. This will be one of multiple deals that are ready to go. Multi-Million dollar deals. Setting records for not only TCG but for all Metaverses. Newsworthy stuff.

- Miami story: one of the most attractive things that people liked about it is TCG's reputation of being a "good guy" company, with TCG wanting to provide education, entertainment, jobs, etc., and not about just making money. They loved TCG's attitude and company culture. Was a big selling point.

- TCG Hub Learning Center created for Alpha - Shows off Regions, News, etc. Alex Showed Pictures:

- Then he showed a video! Video shows the center and some Avatars dancing. Huge dragon skull on top of the center.

- Second Video! This one isn't gonna be released. It was some game play of the characters going around the hub.

- TCG World is moving away from being a metaverse, and moving towards becoming a movement. A lot of companies and diverse businesses and people are coming to them that TCG World that they feel they're creating a movement - affecting lives and creating 10s of thousands of jobs all across the world. People being able to make an income and get an education, interact with celebrities and go to concerts that they wouldn't have had access to if it wasn't for TCG World. They hope to!

- Again says there's a lot of meetings in the next few weeks with huge businesses, celebs, etc. on what they can offer each other. Lot more news next week.

- Ends with Alpha Cinematic Video. Can be seen below:

See the Stream in it's entirety here:

AMA afterwards:

- Alex said they're gonna try to do a Squid Games type event within TCG World, but make it their own and call it the TCG World Games. Not copying any of the Squid Games seen in the series. Players will have no idea what to expect. It'll be held in a huge stadium, with one way looking glass. Players on the inside, spectators on the outside looking in. A potential prize they can give away is a Tesla. Players have no idea what will be behind the wall when it drops. Alex is thinking it would be a 3-Day event, and hoping it'll be one of the most streamed events ever if they do it.

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