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TCG World Live Updates #30 Highlights - Cars, Creatures, Conventions and Concepts!

- Going forward all Live Updates will be broadcast live over on Youtube instead of Facebook. Youtube provides better quality for the videos.

- Starts off with the NBC Palm Springs video shown previously. Click Here to Watch.

- Then plays a shortened clip of the CBS News Documentary Story that includes TCG World and CryptoMom. Video Below:

- Talks about the Landscape video from the previous week.

- TCG World did Twitter Spaces with Cyber Hornets and Elongate this week.

- CBS News Report was released this week. (video above)

- Was on a live call on Blockchain Game Alliance earlier today (Friday). Click Here for That.

- Podcast scheduled for Monday with Captain Awesome (Greed/Valor), Ken Shamrock, and Michael Owen. 2:30pm PST on Monday.

- Talks about Mike Miller and the designing of in-game Dragons, creating story and lore for TCG World.

- Shows a cool video of Mike Miller creating a dragon.

Mike Miller's Dragon Concept for TCG World

- Weekly Giveaway Winners:

- Reddit Giveaway: D M (Latter-Cup-5239) won a Dragon NFT

- Twitter ApeCoin Giveaway: @RAM-Z won a Gold Plot and 1000.00 worth of ApeCoin!

- Elongate Twitter Space Giveaway: Winners all got emails (prize: Whitlist spot).

- Cyber Hornets Twitter Space Giveaway: Alparkapszula and Buzz Dee won Collect-A-Ball NFTs (Cyber Hornet NFT winners announced next Wednesday)

- Update on TCG Verified Guilds. They plan to announce the first verified guild in the two weeks or so. Verified guilds will have to go through a video interview process, application, etc.

- Alpha Incoming! Alpha starting next week. Core Management team starting Alpha next week. Everything is on track.

- Shout out to the Studio, some folks are in Ukraine still working making the game.

- TCG World going to conventions: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and in Miami.

- Eric from TCG World is in San Francisco right now, Alex shows some pictures.

Eric Chan pointing in the direction of the TCG World logo

- Meeting with a ton of businesses, and not just crypto projects. He mentions Celebrities too.

- Mentions that they are going to a Paris convention soon.

- They haven't announced any new partners for a while on purpose. They're making some moves behind the scenes.

- TCG World is hosting their own Metaverse convention in Vegas (July 8th to 10th)

- New Custom Cars in TCG World. Shows us this picture:

I want this room.

- Shows another Mike Miller video of all the creatures he's created so far.

Creature Concept Featuring Horns Fighting Each Other

- Shows a new video! Early development of creature capture with the TCG rings. Video shows a guy putting in TCG themed contacts, they affect his eyes to go into Virtual Reality. The guy grabs a ring off of his wrist and throws it to capture a creature.

No Bulky Goggles Needed

- Another "Mystery Video" that shows a Mike Miller concept that looks like teleporting.. Alex never says what it is.

TCG Me Up, Scotty

- Alex teases some stuff for future Update videos and says they've held off on some announcements and surprises probably due to Alpha.