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TCG World Live Stream Highlights (Dragon Whitepaper) - November 28th 2022

11/28/2022 Live Update / AMA Stream Highlights

- PJ starts off with a live stream featuring 3 members of the Biz Development team, Chris, Eric and Javier - they are in DCentral Miami representing TCG World. They walk the floor a little bit to show some of the booths there.

- Chris says they're talking with the people behind Splinterlands.

- Talking with a VC who funded Candy Club, he sounds very interested in TCG World.

- Meeting with Coinbase NFT

- Chris says TCG World is sponsoring a VeeFriends event, and Javier will be speaking there. Happening on Dec 1st.

Segment goes for about 19-20 minutes.

- PJ announces the FIFA giveaway winner from Twitter: @Cryptomum_7 wins a gold plot in TCG World!

- Justin introduces himself, he's the Vice President of TCG World.

- Simon Malls Web3 Gallery semi-announced, Justin says he just signed up with them an hour ago. TCG will be setting up gaming rigs at their location in New York so visitors can start playing Alpha on computers there. Projected to open around mid January, possibly earlier in December.

Paul looked up the address: ​630 Old Country Rd, Garden City, NY 11530, USA

As part of the deal when they open new locations TCG World will be able to sell their NFTs there he says.

They showed some pictures:

- Party Island Entertainment -

- Testing continues, they have a comedy show lined up for the future

- DJs, Singers, and over 30 artists at the ready.

- Mystery Boxes / Car NFTS

- Minting Mid-December (No set date)

They show a video of a Car Showroom / Dealership within TCG World, here's some quick screenshots:

- SandStorm Updates:

-They show some of the sprites that came out from some developers at SandStorm.

- Dragon Egg Update

- Smart Contract is in the works. Will be deployed when ready. No date set.

- BOGO Sale ends November 30th (2 days away). You buy one plot, get a plot + a castle for each plots. Buy 1 item get 3 items free. Referral is PLOTOWNERS when you're checking out.

- Announces a TCG Advent Calendar - 25 days of Giveaways!

A preview of Day 1:

Community Questions:

Does TCG plan to host any more in-person events in 2023 like the 2022 Metaverse Expo?

- Most likely not, they will continue to attend them but likely will not host any live events like the expo.

With the end of the year fast approaching, what are the main focal points from now until then?

- Putting out the final build for the public access of Alpha.

- Work on having a direct link to the website for Alpha.

Is the studio currently developing other games in parallel besides sprite capture and car gameplay?

- Justin mentions the Ski Resort and contacting developers about mini games. Basically all this stuff will come in time.

Are you guys willing to outsource the creation and development of other game types such as Golf, world exploring quests, artifacts digging, fishing, mining, etc. etc? Or is the studio going to make all of them? Maybe outsourcing could speed up other game types.

- Outsourcing not something that's ruled out, but most will be done in studio over time.

Any date for the mystery boxes?

- Mid December, no exact date.

Any final date for the 4.0 public launch?

- Around Christmas time, no exact date.

Any plans to market TCG World Gaming to 3rd world countries such as Latin America and Phillippines? Through getting the main influencers of these communities to talk and play inside TCG World when it's more optimized and developed of course.

- Short answer is yes.. when things are more developed in the game / when people can start earning. Justin said it better... but that's the short of it.

What marketing plan will we have for public launch to bring new investors in TCG?

- Still going to be word of mouth for the moment. As they progress in the next few months there will be more partnerships and stuff in-game that will create events and activiites in the game that will make people want to join and play the game. He says Public Launch is basically just Day 1.. they will continue to evolve the game, just the beginning. Just getting started.

This part ends around 1:02 in the video.

D'Bombs Corner:

Announces the Dragon Bible (Dragon Whtiepaper)

PJ goes over the highlights live.. but you can visit the Dragon Bible yourself and read it all here:

- will be used to determine ranks and such.


This is version 1, everything subject to change, but that's what they're working towards with the dragons so far!

Giveaway wheel was spun... must be present to win:

@JustYellow on Twitter wins a gold plot! Congrats!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report!

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