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TCG World Highlights from the Telegram AMA Wednesday 3-30-2022 - A lot of questions about Vehicles

- When Alpha? Official Date when TCG World will bring in people for Alpha is TOMORROW! Thursday March 31st. This is when the core management team and studio / developers will be able to download the first version of the game and get in!

- Alex leaves unfortunately for a convention and this will delay him getting into the game himself.

- Ballpark for public alpha (IE when most people can get in) - Answer is "as soon as freaking possible" - but there are stages before that and it depends on how testing goes in each stage.

- Question about TCG World's Convention in Vegas - Cryptolution (Youtube Channel / Official Partner) was asking and he is gonna be there. July 8th to 10th. Alex and the team will be there. TCG World hopes to be officially in Beta by the time of the convention and make a big deal about it. There will be speakers, partners, musicians, etc. Should be a solid convention. The space will be over 100,000 square feet.

- Alex shouted out me and The Sprite Report for coming up with an idea of taping off the size of the plots on the ground in the convention area so we can see how in real life how big the plots are. They hope to do this, but we shall see. (woot me)

- Question "Can we build on the whole farm plot and choose not to farm?" - Alex thinks so, yes. Subject to change of course.

- Question "Can we have a farm / garden on the top of a building on a farm?" - Alex did not know, will look into it.

- Question about Cars - TCG World will be custom making cars for use in TCG World. These will be NFTs of course. Different rarity of cars. Different price points. Selling these will help the TCG economy as a whole. Most will be affordable, with some more expensive, rarer, special cars.

- Questions about modifying cars / customizing cars. There might be custom shops to customize your cars - but this is down the road. Right now it'll be more basic so everyone can get cars and roam around.

- World Generation - Expect biomes, nothing real flat on the ground, hills, mountains, tons of features, water falls, etc. Your plot could be in a very cool place like on a cliff over looking the water, or some other cool location. The world is not flat.

- Question about Building - Deleting stuff will not have any costs. Building will be affordable - cost of materials. Alex's understanding is you'll get a building material pack, and you can purchase more packs to add accessories and such.

- Question "Can We Breed Creatures" - There will be evolution of creatures, breeding not yet, maybe in the future. To start, no.

- "Will there be individual bricks for more custom builds?" Person was hoping for brick by brick building ability instead of whole pieces, Alex did not know and will get back on the answer.

- "Will you be able to import customized patterns?" Yes you will be able to import stuff. - Create stuff in blender / unity to import assets.

- "Will we be charged for importing stuff" - Alex wasn't 100% on it, thinks there will be a small fee. Previous answers from David have said yes on this, there will be a small fee.

- "Will the cars be NFTs and will they be limited like the creatures?" Yes. And there will be a lot of them.

- "Will the attractions like battle arena, roller coaster, etc. have admission fees?" Yes, small fees, that will help the in-game economy. You can easily play to earn the amounts to gain pay these.

- "Can we have Twisted Metal style stuff? - Questions about Custom Experiences in TCG World" Possibly later on, not at launch, dependent on people making it. You can import an entire experience on your plot if you want. Charge entry, etc. Think about the mods people make for games, it's their hope that those people will make awesome stuff for TCG World and actually make some coin off of it.

- Question about Player Location when logging out and back in. You'll be able to log into your plot. They might make a feature to log in back to where you last were. Not for Alpha though, maybe towards Beta.

- There will be default Avatars (via to choose from in TCG World, so you don't have to buy an Avatar. Those premium Avatars will have bonuses / special abilities of course.

- "Since the creatures will be NFTs, and NFTs are on the blockchain, will there be gas fees to get the NFTs?" Simple answer was yes - NFTs will be limited for creatures - Jace chimed in and said Fees will probably come out of your wallet, but the fees will be small. The Fees will be probably be in BNB. They're trying to make everything be TCG2 so only TCG2 is only used.

- Talked about a collaboration with the Shady Foxes NFTs, who will have a collection of TCG World themed Shady Fox NFTs in the Art Gallery in TCG World.

- Talked about Eric Chan going to conventions and getting 40-50 contacts for potential partners. Every project wants to be part of TCG World.

- Jace said Next Monday around 1:30/2pm something special will happen in Australia involving TCG World. This is some hint he's giving us.

- I asked about flying vehicles - Alex said David has plans for flying cars, planes, etc. in TCG World. TCG World doesn't want a million people flying around, so flying stuff will be tactical and limited.

- Question regarding flying dragons giving rides to other people. Like a Dragon Taxi service. As it stands right now, dragons are only for solo riders. Jace jumped in and said that dragons are specific for 1 avatar at this stage, but there will be vehicles eventually that can have passengers. May have 4 door vehicles later on in development.

- Artifacts still hush hush? yes.

- Attractions like islands/roller coaster/volcano, etc. hush hush? yes.

- "Will there be openings on the Real Estate team soon?" Eventually yes.

- "Is this Telegram AMA recorded?" Yes, and they might put them on youtube eventually too.

- "Can vehicles teleport with you plot to plot" - Answer was kinda yes, he didn't go into much details. I'd guess likely it'll be in your inventory and you can spawn it.

- "Are the cars going to be purchased in BNB or TCG2?" TCG2 - everyone eventually gonna be TCG2.

- Question about when dragon eggs will happen - Alex said it's coming up soon, but the focus is on Alpha right now, so no real ETA on it. David is working on it and will announce all the details of Phase 2 of the dragons at a later date.

- "When will plots be available to re-sell?" - Alex said this will be available on the TCG marketplace, no ETA on it. It's in the works, they're making progress on it, but might be more down the road towards full launch of the game in Quarter 3.

- "At what point do you think TCG World will announce/release/show the secret dragon cave?" Nobody knows for sure, except for David. They're purposely holding off on announcing stuff, and will announce stuff in stages. Focus is on Alpha and making the world itself the best possible.

- There will be 2 more phases after the dragon egg phase - possibly 3 more phases of the dragon NFTs that will be announced in the future.

- Question about importing events / experiences in the game, and how day/night and weather will affect it, can weather be turned off, etc. Day/night/weather cannot be changed, it was recommended to build stuff like that indoors with lighting.

- Zoey, a 3 year old proud gold plot owner, wanted to interrupt to say good night. It was adorable.

- Question about multiple people using the same account. Answer is no. Everyone will have to a separate wallet. Jace said they're looking into family accounts for parental controls and such. They're looking at the ability to rent out a room in the plot and just link your child's account so they can live on your plot in that room.

- They're also looking at giving people the ability to make permissions, so only key holders (nft holders) can enter your plot. So you can restrict access to your plots and customize the permissions. Same concept as VIP rooms. Characters will be restricted and can't enter certain areas unless they have the key.

Jace said they've done testing on it. Basically you put up a fence around your plot with a gate you can lock. So only people who have the key/nft can enter it.

If you don't have a fence, people can walk straight into your plot.

- "Do we have to fill up vehicles with gas or charge them?" Jace said eventually yes, they will have fuel eventually to fill up vehicles. There will eventually be fill-up stations around the world, very cheap to fill up. Will not be in Alpha.

- "Can we throw our cars/creatures back in our inventory" - They plan to create a despawn system so there won't be thousands of cars in the world blocking places. If you find a creature in the wild, you can stop, pull out your creature, and battle it.

- There will be a leveling system, a level 1 person cannot find a rare creature. And there will be a grouping system they hope to make. No catching of legendary creatures out of the gate.

- Question about if the game will ever be accessible via just a browser, like a browser game? The game will be a downloadable game, not a web page, so likely no.

- "Is there a cost involved to build?" Yes, small cost for building materials / assets. Coins go back into the economy.

- "Can we landscape?" Yes. Plants, trees, flowers, etc. You won't be able to terraform though.

- "Will we be able to build on the farm?" - Yes you can customize the whole thing. The only thing you can't do is get regional benefits or have a business. Those are for regular regional plots only.

- "Can NFTs be re-used, such as can you copy them and have the same NFT in 2 or more locations at once?" - Alex believes so, as you'll be able to copy and paste your entire build somewhere else.

- "Can other people display your NFTs? Can I put my NFT up in your house?" No, the NFT has to be in your/their wallet to display it. So the same player who owns the NFT has to also own the land to display it.

- "If I mint an NFT and sell it, after it is sold can I still display it?" The NFT will go out of your inventory and it will disappear in the game. The NFT goes to the buyer.

- TCG is working on a swap option for NFTs - so you may be able to swap a BNB NFT for another blockchain.

- "Can I just buy eggs to get a dragon without holding dragon NFTs?" No, you need all the dragon NFTs in your wallet to get the dragon.

- "The dragon eggs are going to be burned when they use them?" If you trade your eggs for a dragon, yes they will be burned / disappear.

Jace added: Once you've got the flying dragon NFT in your wallet, you have to have the required number of dragon NFTs in your wallet. Basically you have to have the right number of stuff at all times. You sell one dragon NFT, you can't use your flying dragon.

- A lot more talk about dragons, since there's no official announcement of the phases or specific details, I'm not going to type them up.

- "Differences between Alpha, Beta and Full Launch?" Alex referenced this message: What to expect in Alpha:

-Full World generation

-Procedurally generated landscaping

-Road generation

-Log into any plot

-In-game builder

-Access to vehicles

-Partner buildings

-Creature spawning

-Possible V1 creature capture mechanics

How Alpha goes will influence what is experienced / announced for Beta. Full launch should have just about everything. And they have some pretty massive DLCs (downloadable content) for after launch. Many years worth of development planned.

- Last Question: "Is Teleportation available for Alpha?" They might make it so you can log into any plot regardless of if you own it or not just for Alpha. Or they might have teleportation systems.

- They plan to set up some streaming dates / times and announce them. Likely not for a full week or so. They plan to show a ton of videos. Alex is heading off to a convention and bunking with the legendary Ken Shamrock.

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Jay verse
Jay verse
Mar 31, 2022

Awesome, I like this telegram recap!

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