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TCG World Facebook Live #29 Highlights - New Dragon Animations, Stunning New Video and More!

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Here is the link to watch the Live Facebook Event for yourself: Click Here

- The AMA starts off with a News story from NBC Palm Springs about TCG World. It's an interview with Alex. See below to watch it (it's short and lovely)

- Some audio difficulties after the news story forced Alex to have to restart the stream. He had to restart 2 more times until it worked. The video was played every time.

- A community member had a NBC News contact and that's how the interview came to be. And this interview might lead to other interviews in the future.

- They plan to include Youtube Live for these Live Updates soon.

- Live Question and Answer AMA right afterwards over on the Official TCG World Telegram - Click Here for the Telegram

- Alex recommends to watch the previous AMA (WHICH WAS FANTASTIC and I recommend too!) - Click here for that video.

- Dragon Floor Price as of the video is 0.354 ETH (around 1000.00 USD) - Talks about the Collect-A-Ball Twitter Space from earlier on in the week. They give a gold plot away on those Twitter Spaces.

- Twitter Space with Cyber Hornets coming up next Wednesday.

- Announces a Twitter Space with Elongate on Monday - 1pm PST

- Reminds everyone that Gold Plots are increasing in price to 2 or more BNB for the Presale. Gold Farms are not Presale, they are full price at 7 BNB.

- Giveaway Winners are...

- Reddit Giveaway - @Historical-Letter312 wins a Gold Plot.

- Twitter Sunday FunDay Giveaway - @Nhei_7 wins a Dragon NFT

- Community Giveaway Winners Below: Matic Grey Winners (minted a Collect-A-Ball NFT)



Collect-A-Ball Winners (minted Animus Cyber Hornet)



Cyber Hornet Winners (purchased a TCGW Plot)



Funky Monkey Winners (purchased a Matic Grey)



TCG Dragon CC Winners (minted Greek Life FMFH)



- Winners for Twitter Spaces for the Community Giveaways will be announced during the next Twitter Space.

- Every Sunday there will be a giveaway.

- Meta Money did an interview with TCG World. Click here for that video.

- Meta Money did a poll as well (TCG World crushed it) Click Here for the Poll

- Alex reminds everyone to not bash on other Metaverses. Be a nice positive community : )

- TCG World is making unique dragons (based upon Mike Miller's creature designs).

- Showed a quick video with a newly designed dragon flying.

- TCG World is going to Conventions in the next two weeks! San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami!

- David and Ben going to a Paris convention in April.

- Conventions are reaching out to TCG World asking them to become speakers / hold panels.

- What to Expect in Alpha...

- Full World Generation

- Proc Gen Landscaping - Road Generation with New Coding (Tons of roads, no straight roads like some other metaverses / games)

- MAYBE the Outskirts of the map - might be added later on in Alpha (Volcano, Ruins, etc.)

- Studio making very good progress with the world.

- You can log into any plot!

- Possible teleportation system for Alpha

- The in-game builder!

- Access to vehicles! Zoom Zoom! (Vehicles in the launched game will have to be acquired in other ways, but for Alpha to test you can get vehicles)

- New Range of Vehicles Incoming... including CUSTOM videos

- Partner Buildings in Alpha

- Stages of Alpha:

- Management

- Mods/Agents/Lore

- Diamond Owners (they can allocate)

- Partner Leadership / Platinum Owners

- Gold and Silver Owners

- Community and Public

- Time Frame in between stages: Could be a week, could be a couple days. Depends on how broken the world gets. (They want to break things to be able to fix them)

- "Don't quote me" - We're thinking of having Creature Spawning in Alpha - and introducing V1 Creature Capture Mechanics! It's a possibility, they're working on it.

Then he continued on the project updates:

- Working with New Blockchains. Current ones are Binance, ETH and Polygon. New Blockchains they're working with are Avalanche and Harmony in the coming months!

- "We might not just be launching on their blockchains" - Alex Nase

- Shout out to Project Nightfall - TCG World is going to be doing some videos with them. Project Nightfall has been hooking TCG up behind the scenes with some big names.

- Alex shows some new pics of the world!

- Alex shows off a new video!

- New video is beautiful, footage of the trees and water, under-water, bugs flying around, night and day, and rain! BEAUTIFUL!!!! Here's some Screenshots:

After the AMA ended everyone went here:

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