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TCG World's Dragons Get Redesign, New Look from Mike Miller

TCG World had a little surprise for Sunday morning! Concept art showing off what the dragons may look like in the game!

The picture shows 4 dragons, each one with a different color scheme. Dragons look to be paired with each of the regions, as seen in the previous dragon video. An Ice themed dragon for the North. A red / Fire dragon for the Asia region where the Volcano is. A green dragon for the forest region, and a golden dragon for the ruins in the East.

The tweet mentions that these are "Legendary Dragons" and reminds everyone to collect the Dragon NFTs over on Opensea to be ready to evolve dragons in TCG World. Those NFTs will be your ticket to get eggs, which you can get dragons in TCG World.

Original Tweet here:

The concept shots were created by artist Mike Miller, who is also the artist for the for the Funky Monkey Frat House NFT collection, an official partner of TCG World. Click here for the Frat Monkey website.

Mike Miller is also responsible for all the previous Sprite concept photos, as well as the beautiful art for the dragon eggs seen below.

Mike Miller has been one of the most exciting editions to TCG World. What a gem! He was brought onto the team to help redesign all the Sprites seen throughout the world. As it is now, all of the Sprites we've seen from in-game footage of TCG World are licensed assets purchased from the Unity Asset Store. TCG World plans to eventually replace all of those creature assets with unique creations.

So what do you think of the Dragons? Let me know in the comments below!

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Artur Saraiva
Artur Saraiva

Amazing having a different Dragon for each zone.

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