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TCG World AMA with EPIK Prime Highlights - November 11th 2022

How to Capture Sprites in the Current Alpha:

The Sprite Report Issue 210

11/11/2022 AMA with TCG World Partner Epik Prime

Epik Prime AMA Highlights:

In attendance: Darren Smith and Gary Ma, they join PJ Krypto

Gary Ma is COO of Epik

Darren Smith is VP of Product at Epik.

NOTE: I apologize this likely isn't as thorough as it could be.. I had UPS arrive at my door.. AND the Wix website (this blog) went down for 5 minutes... so I really recommend you listen to this AMA as I feel this summary doesn't do it justice. Gary talks about a lot of stuff and it was too much to capture.

- Epik works with the biggest brands to bring them into Web3 (our Metaverse)

- Epik founded in 2018

- They talk a lot about digital collectibles.

- Epik is the leading digital licensing company in the world.

- They work with 300+ digital clients.

- Epik purchased 16 256x256 plots of commercial land in TCG World's Asia Region.

- "land mark deal"

- Epik wants to deliver something unique in TCG World. Creating experiences and engagements for users, players, collectors, NFT and Web3 lovers within TCG.

- Epik works with different partners so all the partners can interact with each other easily.

- Epik is a portal to different games and metaverses, they bring commerce, NFTs, experiences that are intended to work with, and be the same, across any platform (TCG World and another game)

- What kind of events for TCG World? They have a roadmap with TCG World for their plots. They can't say much, but they're gonna bring a bunch of premium experiences to TCG World with their brands. Expanding gamification and gaming experiences within TCG World.

- Content: They have to reserve those for official announcements.

- Talking about their land in TCG World: Epikverse Shops, Branding, only available in metaverses. Places and attractions.

- Is the Epik land going to be sold or developed only by Epik? Short answer is Yes they are going to develop it - they bought it, no plans to flip it. Long term resident.

- PJ extends an offer to the Epik community for the BOGO offer with castles.

- Any plans for Epik token to come into TCG World? He basically says yes. Epik token users may get some unique stuff or experiences within TCG World.

- All audiences are important, but they're focusing a lot on the younger generation, bringing them into the Epikverse (and TCG World)

- They talk about a Doja Cat game.

Summary: Epik basically connects brands to projects like TCG World, bringing them into the world via experiences, events, stores and more. They are well connected and are the leading licensing agency for games and Web3. During the AMA they highly stressed experiences. I'd advise everyone to check out their website and also the official partnership announcement.

Watch the replay down below:

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Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report!

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