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TCG World AMA + Live Update Highlights for November 11th 2022

How to Capture Sprites in the Current Alpha:

The Sprite Report Issue 209

11/11/2022 AMA with PJ Krypto and Jon Dixon

Project Updates:

- This is the 1st of 2 AMAs today. Another one with TCG's partner Epik will follow in 2 hours. Link to that one here:

- Forza Racing Competition Update: Slight delay on it, but it's still on and they have some pics!

- Forza 7 digital apparently isn't available any more - which is part of the delay. You might need an actual copy of the game to play?

- Date TBD for Forza

- TCG2 BSC Staking Pools expiring for 1 and 3 month - they will be renewed!

- 1 month Staking Pool for ETH expiring soon and will be renewed as well.

- Sandstorm Sprints Continue

- Current one is dragons:

- Week one Sprite sprint designs will be announced towards December

- Jon says they have hired a few of the developers from these challenges to help with other designs down the road for TCG World!

- David met with the Unity team - it went really well. Unity loves what TCG World is doing. They'll help TCG with performance and such, plus Unity has basically offered to hook TCG up with contacts / companies / partners and such that they know.

- Dragon Whitepaper News: Still coming soon. Sneak peak of a UI:

- Jon strongly suggests / hints about "TCG" Trading Card Game, cards battling cards, etc. Hints at skills and such with this dragon egg photo:

- BOGO Sale + Castle stats = 500 sold, which means 1000 plots and 1000 castles have been done.

- BOGO sale goes through the end of the month - ends at November.

- Used code PLOTOWNERS at checkout to participate in this deal.

- Marketplace has been opened for 1 week now. 25 BNB raised already for TCG World.

- That 25 BNB is revenue for the company.

- Alpha 4.0 and Public Launch at the end of 2022. 4.0, or something 4.something will be the public launch.

- Image David shared? Discuss!

- Mystery Boxes? They're gonna cost 50 BUSD each.

- The first mystery box will be for CARS!!!! - They show a video:

- Mystery Boxes Aiming for release at the end of November.

- Cars will have different rarities and strengths in the world.

- 50 BUSD per marketplace, and tradable on the TCG marketplace.

- BUSD due to the volatility of the market.

- No specifics on how many boxes will be available, limits, etc.

- David says in chat: "each vehicle rarity has a limited supply"

- David says: 10 for Mythic, 100 for Legendary, 1000 for Epic and up to 10,000 for Rare, although they will probably release less of Rares.

- Virtual Land Owners Fun Facts Graphic. Current holders graphic:

Decentraland has 5400 holders, TCG World has 8523, Sandbox 17079, Otherdeed/Otherside has 33923, and Matrix World has 1009 Holders.

- TCG World has sold 1/3rd of available plots (out of 100,000 plots)

- In World Entertainment, build release to Plot Owners soon with Twitch streaming in-game.

- Calendar of Events on the Main Lobby of TCG World.

- On Calendar eventually: Festival events, battles, esports, music, etc.

- Possibility of several events going on at the same time.

- Build 3.8 Coming Soon!

- Users can walk in the world with sprites!

- TCG Rings Limit, you'll need to loot rings in the world!

- Cars NFTs and there will be some default ones.

- Mystery box release - Optimization improvements

- Full NFT sync on-chain - Cars + Land

- Question was, what is the difference between default and NFT cars? Default ones aren't owned by you, like the ones in Alpha (for testing only) the NFT ones will be yours and tradeable on the marketplace.

David was talking about the cars in your inventory in alpha

- Car showroom location in TCG World! They're making a video for this, will show it soon.

- New Sprite Capture Mechanics soon!

- Gather in-world objects, such as: Crystals, Flowers, Fruits, etc. to be used for Sprite Evolving.

- Time for the Silver Plot giveaway: @DragonGodLegion won a Silver Plot! Congrats!

That was the first AMA! Watch the replay down below:

Today's Sprite Report is brought to you by DeSo Syndicate!

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Check out their website for assets you can use in TCG World! TCG Castle Promo NOW!

Hope you enjoyed today's Sprite Report!

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