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TCG World AMA Live from Miami Highlights

- Alex is in Miami still. Has been there all week long. 2nd conference in a week. His voice is halfway gone while he talks live.

Nothing really new was announced or shown this week because of Alex being on his trip.

- Alex is on his phone.

- Alex will not be doing an AMA afterwards on Telegram. Mods will be opening that though.

- Lot of people wanting to meet Alex in person about TCG World.

- Biggest News of the Day: Gold Plots are out of presale now. Click Here for that Story

- Alex has a bunch of updates and videos lined up to share, but can't this week. He'll show them once he's home.

- He talks about getting on new exchanges and new swaps soon.

- Bunch more news to come over the next coming weeks.

- Shouts out Greed - Greed is very connected and has hooked TCG World up with some HUGE names that Alex is meeting with. About 10-20 meetings that Alex has had this week is because of Greed's massive connections.

- Talks about a huge meeting this Sunday coming up, one of the largest meetings TCG will ever have.

- Alex says TCG World is moving away from being a metaverse / product, and moving towards becoming a movement. A lot of people want in.

You can watch it below.

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