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Partner Focus on Collect-A-Ball NFT - What Are Their Plans for TCG World? + Awesome Plot Giveaway

On February 21st TCG World announced a partnership with Collect-A-Ball NFT. So what the heck is Collect-A-Ball? And what are their plans for TCG World?

Collect-A-Ball is a NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. There's 10,000 NFTs total, each one is unique with different gear and backgrounds. If you're familiar with the TCG Dragons, or just about any other 10k NFT project, it's the same basic concept.

The NFTs look like little ball characters, hints their name. They also have some rare and awesome Harry Potter-inspired Golden Snitch looking ones that are limited to 50 total, each numbered, as well as some foil looking ones that look like special foil trading cards.

Balls with Attitude

Collect-A-Ball Project Plans:

Looking at their roadmap, there's a ton of giveaways and charitable donations planned once certain goals are met. Along with giving away their NFTs along the way, they plan to give a $25k donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and a $5k donation to Sunny Patel's "Pokemon Foundation". I love to see that.

There's multiple giveaways of ETH on the roadmap as well. If you hold 1 of each type of Collect-A-Ball you're entered to win $10,000 in ETH and a Pokemon Unlimited Base Set Booster Box. When every single Collect-A-Ball is minted, they're giving away a PSA 10 Base Unlimited Charizard or 5 ETH to one of their holders. Oh to be those lucky few!

Cool Balls and Awesome Backgrounds

Benefits for owning the Collect-A-Balls are as follows:

- 10% off all product online for 2022 at Trading Card World! Discount codes given out on their Discord at the beginning of every month. - Free access to Collect-A-Con events in 2022 - just present your wallet at the VIP entrance and you can get in for free. - Access to private streams on Drip Shop Live. Exclusive access to any new features on the platform - live stream NFT selling, crypto purchasing and NFT gaming.

- Events and perks in TCG World. I'll elaborate in a bit.

Collect-A-Ball also offers merchandise as well via this link:

I'm a beanie guy, I really love the pom beanie hat myself.

Here's a wonderful review video that probably explains the project a lot better than I did above:

Collect-A-Ball in TCG World

Collect-A-Ball NFT is building their headquarters in the Forest Region. They're already on the TCG World map. They plan to build a Pokemon store where you'll be able to buy real cards from them using the in-game currency TCG2. They're also building a virtual gallery to display their NFTs.

Their website lists their TCG World utility as "Get exclusive access to holder only events and perks in the TCG World metaverse." - so it's basically still a mystery at this point. Hopefully it's something cool.

During a recent AMA with TCG World, they hinted at the rarer golden snitches and foil cards having some utility in TCG world. Not confirmed, and was never elaborated on to my knowledge.

Where you can find Balls in the Metaverse

Collect-A-Ball's is doing a Huge Giveaway:

Note: This giveaway is open April 9th 2022 to April 22nd 2022.

To celebrate TCG World's Alpha, Collect-A-Ball NFT is running a giveaway. And I gotta say, it's a very generous giveaway! Tons of TCG greatness!

They're giving away several gold plots and 2 dragon NFTs. The amount of NFTs they giveaway depends on how many minting goals are met in the next 2 weeks.

Here's their giveaway writeup:

Over the next 14 days, every Collect-A-Ball NFT you mint gets you entered to win up to 8 (SOLD OUT) Gold Plots and 2 TCG World Dragons!

Every 10 mints unlocks a new tier of the giveaway! When we reach 100 mints all prize tiers (10 prizes) will be unlocked! You can mint multiple Collect-A-Ball NFTs for multiple entries!


Giveaway ends April 22 2022 at 11:59 PM CDT. The same ETH address can get multiple entries! Dragons pictured may not be the Dragons won.

Prize Tiers 10 mints- Gold plot 20 mints- Gold plot 30 mints- Gold plot 40 mints- Gold plot 50 mints- TCG Dragon 60 mints- Gold plot 70 mints- Gold plot 80 mints- Gold plot 90 mints- Gold plot 100 mints- TCG Dragon

You can mint Collect-A-Balls at

Here's instructions on how to mint:

Make sure your network is set to the Ethereum Mainnet before you mint them.

And good luck to everyone!

Balls can get you Plots and Dragons in their Giveaway. No Balls? No chance.

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