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New Video from TCG World: An early look at Dragons!

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

TCG World's official Twitter account tweeted a video about what the dragons could look like in TCG World. And now a 4k version of it is on Youtube!

How exciting is that video!

The video gives us a good look at TCG World's progress, and it's very exciting to see so many different dragons!

The video starts off with a fire-type dragon being born. It's the cutest little thing! It even sneezes!

Next we see a beautiful shot of the Forest region with some green dragons roaming around. We see what I assume is a young dragon, along with some baby dragons.

The next shot is obviously in the North region and shows some ice type dragons. These dragons appear to be teenagers, or young adult.

The next one is back to fire dragons, with what looks like full adult dragons. One spews fire, one flies overhead. Glorious dragons!

The last one appears to be in a cave, and looks to be a different type of dragon. It belches flames. All look pretty amazing.

Below are more screenshots from the video.

Please know that artist Mike Miller is on the creative team at TCG World and will be re-designing all the dragons, so the appearance of the dragons is not expected to stay the same as in this video.

Also it's been said that the evolutions are not set in stone, so there may be changes to that as well. Everything is in the early stages!

Let me know in the comments what you think about the dragons!

Make sure to follow TCG World on Twitter for all their official updates!

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