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New Video from TCG World: AMA #26 Where Alex shows us Dragons and How Easy Building Is.

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Dragons from a new video shown on AMA #26

AMA #26 was just uploaded to Youtube. Here's some highlights: - Starts with a never-before seen video made by TopMarkz. Footage is from many previous videos, with the TCG World theme song by Jason Paige. A much needed refresher video for that song!

- Alex goes over the previous week's updates, including the Valor Bare Knuckle reveal video, the dragon minting, MEXC listing, etc.

- Alex drops a bomb: They've met with a famous movie/music producer. Unnamed at this time.

- Alex has done an interview with NBC News Palm Springs. Interview unreleased as of the AMA.

- Heavy marketing incoming..

- Celebrities incoming..

- Exchanges incoming..

- Alex shows an awesome builder video! Talks over it as the avatar is shown building a house from nothing, then placing furniture. It's well worth the watch!

- Alex shows some dragon teaser videos! First a lava / fire type dragon spitting fire in what looks like a cave. Second another fire type dragon on top of a lava bed, spewing fire. Another dragon flies overhead. Dragon eggs can be seen on the ground. The last video is a snowy shot, beautiful scenery, with a different type of dragon. These appear to be ice dragons of some sort. There's multiple dragons in the show, and one dragon even flies towards the screen almost! Wonderful footage - I highly encourage you to watch the video for yourself!

- Alex vows to do more live chats on their official Telegram. Here is their Telegram:

You can watch the video for yourself below. You really should watch it. And remember to give it a like, a comment, and if you aren't already subscribed to TCG World on Youtube what are you even doing with your life?

Alex always looks so happy!

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