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Music in the Metaverse: The Songs in TCG World's Videos are Fricken Awesome! Greed is Good, DMCA Bad

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

This article covers all the songs we've seen so far in TCG World. It also talks about Greed's role in TCG World. Some of my hopes for bands in the Metaverse. And a caution if you plan to stream the game.

I was thinking today about music and what type of music will be in TCG World. We've already seen some song titles already in videos and screenshots. It's unknown if these will still be in place for Alpha, and further out when TCG World is fully released.

If you're a first time streamer who plans to stream TCG World, you're going to need to be careful about what music is playing in the background. Be it in the game itself, or if you have your TV on behind you while you play, any short audio clip heard on stream runs the risk of a strike on your account. Videos have been taken down over 2 seconds or LESS of music!

You have to make sure you're streaming music that is DMCA free at all times. DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which covers everything from music to images. The performers of the music, or their record labels, lawyers or other agents, can submit take down notices against your videos. Some sites even have AI to detect copyrighted material to initiate take downs automatically.

Below is a great video that explains a lot about DMCA in regards to music in videos for content creators.

Platforms such as Twitch and Youtube can be very strict with DMCA takedowns. For instance, Twitch has a 3 strikes rule. After 3 strikes you're considered a "repeat offender" and your account will be banned. I've watched Youtube content creators walk into a Walgreens store that had music playing in the store. They've had to mute the music playing in the store otherwise the video would be demonetized.

Looking at the videos TCG World has provided so far, we see many songs begin with "ES_". From my research I believe ES may be "Epidemic Sound", which is a subscription service that provides over 35,000 songs completely copyright-free. Which is great for TCG World - but if you read Epidemic Sound's terms of use, it's wouldn't be allowed for the regular streamer unless they had a subscription and the rights to use their music.

Basically TCG World can use it for their videos, and you can listen to the music for free, but using it in your own content (as in streaming your exploration in TCG World while it's playing in the game itself) without having a license yourself is technically not allowed, and you run the risk of takedowns.

If "ES" turns out to mean some other service, we'll have to see what the fine print reads. And again, we won't know if this will be the music offered in TCG World, or if it's just music TCG World is using to make the awesome videos we're seeing.

Games such as Cyberpunk 2077 are now implementing options to give players the ability to select copyright-free music. You can go go into the game settings and select an option to hear only DMCA-free music, and you'll be good to stream free of worry. Will we have an option like this in TCG World?

Let's take a look at what songs we've seen already. They're all very good ones! You'll definitely recognize a few of these from the trailer videos when you take a listen. These are all pretty awesome and I think fit perfectly in with what TCG World is building! The feeling and mood of each really sets the tone for the land.

And of course - the one that started it all. Get In, Get On by Jason Paige.

We have to also consider that Greed is an official partner, and a damn cool one to have. Greed has already provided music for some of the cinematic trailers we've seen already, including the Valor one which was an absolute banger. Will Greed Music have an even bigger part to play in TCG World? Will they be making more music for our metaverse? Or perhaps all music? We shall see!

As they say, Greed is Good! Sounds so good!

So what can streamers and content creators use in their videos that is 100% safe?

One of my favorites is The Midnight. The Midnight has said their whole catalog of music is free to use and completely copyright free. And if you've ever watched any of the larger streamers on Twitch, you'll likely recognize some of their songs. Many streamers play them on a loop for their whole stream - 8 hours, 12 hours long everyday.

I personally would love to see a partnership between The Midnight and TCG World. If The Midnight's music was in the game itself, streamers wouldn't have to worry at all about penalties.

And if The Midnight built something in TCG World and showed it off to everyone, it's the perfect audience to capture for the game. Let all the Twitch streamers know about TCG World!

I highly recommend giving these all a listen! I think they're fantastic.

The videos below have MILLIONS of views!

What do you think, would The Midnight be a fun option to listen to in TCG World?

How about some heavy metal? Trivium lead singer Matt Heafy has said their music is DMCA free. The video below is him explaining all about DMCA and what the deal is, probably a lot better than I have in this article.

Would Trivium's music be a good fit for TCG World? Probably for some! Can you imagine heavy metal in the Metaverse? The METALVERSE? Heck yeah!

Here's a list of other artists that have offered their music to Twitch streamers and content creators.

Ace of Hearts - Rock, Indie Music - Here's Ace of Hearts' Tweet

bbno$ - Rap - Here's bbno$'s Tweet

DragonForce (latest 3 albums only) - Rock, Power Metal - DragonForce's Clip

Gramatik - EDM - Here's Gramatik's Tweet

Gunship - EDM / Synthwave - Here's Gunship's Tweet and a Video - I LOVE THESE GUYS!!!

Harris Heller - EDM, Synthwave, Lofi - Here's Heller's Video

Kill Bill: The Rapper - Rap 5Head - Here's Kill Bill: The Rapper's Tweet

KSI - Rap - Here's KSI's Tweet

Lil Tecca - Rap - Here's Lil Tecca's Tweet

LukHash - EDM - Here's LukHash's Tweet

Mike Shinoda - Rock and Alternative - Here's Shinoda's Tweet

Ninja Sex Party - Awesome Funny Rock - Here's Ninja Sex Party's Tweet

Pizzle Pack by T-PAIN - Beats - Pizzle Pack's Website (T-PAIN is very active on Twitch!)

Rav - Rap (Lofi) - Here's Rav's Tweet

Starbomb - Nerdcore - Here's Starbomb's Tweet

The Midnight - EDM and Synthwave - Here's The Midnight's Tweet

Trivium - Heavy Metal = Here's Lead Singer Matty Heafy's Video

Yung Bae - EDM and Future Funk - Here's Yung Bae's Tweet

Let me know if you know of any bands that offer DMCA free catalogs! I'll look em up and add them!

Disclaimer: Please do your own research on all of these bands I've mentioned and double check for yourselves.

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