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Information about Guilds in TCG World Released

As if TCG World isn't busy enough with testing Alpha, they found time to announce Guilds for the game too!

To sum it up, TCG World will have Verified Guilds to ease the minds of players. TCG World is basically giving training and the stamp of approval for certain guilds within the game.

By creating a process to become verified, TCG World hopes to have safe and self-run guilds where regular players will have positive experiences. They hope these verified guilds will be an attractive draw for regular folks to feel safe and avoid scams, which is a major problem in the crypto space.

They're not saying you can't have a non-verified guild and avoid this process, but any player is at risk in joining a non-verified guild.

Below is the official announcement.

It's so exciting to see all our community getting together and forming their own communities and guilds within TCG World. Because our community is so awesome, we have decide to introduce TCG Verified Guilds within TCG World.
What is a Guild?
In simple terms, a guild is an organized community or group of gamers that regularly play together, share experiences or just hang out.
Why have verified Guilds?
We aim to create a welcoming environment for everyone and to ensure players feel confident in their decision when joining a guild, we will have TCG Verified Guilds within TCG World. Verified Guilds will be held to a high standard and players will feel safer being a member of a Verified Guild.
How can I join a Guild?
We have just opened up our application process for Guilds that want to become a TCG World Verified Guild. Over the next few weeks will be reviewing applications and announcing our first Verified Guilds inside TCG World. All Verified Guilds can be found, and will be managed in our Discord Server and each will have their own channel.
How can my Guild apply to become verified?
To become a Verified Guild you will need to meet our TCG World Standards & Expectations for Guilds.
To view our TCG World Verified Guilds Information & to apply please read this important article 👇🏻

Source: TCG World's Telegram Announcement Channel

The Medium article outlines the benefits of being a TCG Verified Guild.

  • TCG Verified Guilds will have the stamp of approval from TCG World. Similar to how Twitter will have a verified blue check mark.

  • Verified Guilds have agreed to the Standards and Expectations (seen below) set by TCG World. This means that the leadership of the guild has passed a private training session with the TCG World team on how to maintain a positive, safe, and inviting environment. Note: this is the same training that the TCG World moderation team have all gone through.

  • TCG Verified Guilds will have an exclusive and private Discord channel on the official TCG World Discord server to talk and engage with your guild members.

  • TCG Verified Guilds will also have the possibility of having exclusive in-game events and features that will only be available to Verified Guilds.

While everyone is free to create or join any guild, please know there will be an elevated risk in joining such guilds. Non-verified guilds will not be granted the exclusives above, nor will they have had the special training from the TCG World team themselves, and there could be a possibility of negative player experiences and people with bad intentions. Therefore, we recommend you join a TCG Verified Guild.

And furthermore, the expectations and how to remain a Verified Guild:

Standards & Expectation of becoming a Verified TCG Guild.

  1. Guilds are required to have 40+ unique members.

  2. Guilds are required to have a Leader and at least 2 Guild Officers to represent them as a minimum.

  3. Guilds must have a unique Name and Theme. (No TCG in their name)

  4. Guild leadership will maintain an active private Discord channel and police themselves.

  5. Guild Leadership agree to follow Company Standards and Image at all time. In-game and out of game.

  6. Copyright Rules must be followed at all times. No use of any branding or imagery will be allowed. (example: names or images involving Nintendo, Pokémon, Coca Cola, etc.)

  7. All NFT/Business sales marketed internally to their guild must be approved by TCG World.

  8. Guild activity levels must be maintained. This includes both in-game activity and Discord activity. Inactive guilds will lose their verified status after 2 months and be disbanded.

  9. Guild leadership agrees to a monthly check-in with TCG World.

  10. Guild leadership will undertake a private training session with the TCG World team. This involves the Application Process, a Video Interview, a Certification Course, and when approved, a joint announcement from TCG World and the Guild at the same time.

  11. Guilds will not spam or shill their Guild outside of the allowed channels.

At the bottom of the Medium Article is a Link on how to Apply. Click Here for the Article.

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