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HUGE NEWS: TCG World Went to NFT Miami and Alex is Extending His Stay! +Greed, Valor, WallStreetBets

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Alex and Eric from TCG World went to NFT Miami this past weekend... and Alex announced today on Telegram he is extending his stay to talk business!

Alex Nase (Will not DM first) - Admin
*Miami Update* So.. Miami got more excitement with TCG World than anticipated. I'm going to stay an extra week due to large industries and people wanting to meet us in person.

Large industries?

People wanting to meet with him AFTER the conference?

Not just a day... he's staying there an extra week to meet them in person!


Here's how the weekend started:

Alex Nase with a mask and a task.

NFT Miami billed itself as the "Biggest NFT Conference". It had 30+ partners and was held at the Mana Wynwood Convention Center from April 1st to 3rd 2022.

Alex before he knew he was staying another week in Miami.

The speaker lineup was a mile long. See it here:

The Sponsors list for the event was just as long:

I'm not going to lie and say I know who any of these people or projects are. The list includes large influencers, including children influencers, project founders, NFT artists, Authors, Photographers, Blockchain CEOs, Real Estate Tycoons, and more. Even the Mayor of Miami was there.

Maybe Alex is meeting with one of these fine people?

People from WAX, Polygon, Ripple, FLOKI, Heromaker, Hero Galaxy, DigiNation, Moonpay, Aavegotchi, Shopify, Estée Lauder, Mutant Cats, Tron, BitTorrent, Mobie Labs, Next Level DAO... and those are only the projects I've personally heard of.

Many bored ape owners showing off their NFTs as their pics on the website. There was a lot of money and talent attending.

Alex showed us a picture of Grant Cardone:

Grant Cardone tells it how it is.

Oh, and a small town guy named Mark Cuban was a speaker there too.

Alex was this close to Mark Cuban

The TCG World community may recognize Brenda Gentry, AKA Cryptomom. She spoke on a panel and even gave TCG World a shout out!

And more TCG World partners were in attendance and got to meet up with Alex!

Alex had the honor of bunking with UFC/WWE Legend Ken Shamrock from Valor Bare Knuckle. I hope he comes back with some awesome stories to tell us!

Captain Awesome from Greed was there, as well as Jenifer Rodriguez and Christopher Berrios from WallstreetBets. Lots of great pictures on their Twitters and Telegrams.

Alex meets the World.

On one of the nights there was a Greed after party. This clip was posted in the Greed Telegram and you can see TCG World on the screen in the background.

Here's some more fun pictures and Tweets from NFT Miami:

Jenifer Rodriguez from WallStreetBets with Ken Shamrock and other friends:

Jenifer Rodriguez (WallstreetBets) with Ken Shamrock (The Most Dangerous Man Alive)

Crypto Mom Rocking a Panel.

Captain Awesome (left), Ken Shamrock (center). This photo makes me want a Greed shirt!

So who do you think Alex is meeting with this week??? Is it Mr. Cuban? Is it the Mayor of Miami? All of the above? Someone I didn't mention?

Going to be an exciting ride for sure!

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