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How to Play the TCG World Alpha on a Mac

Mac Instructions for Alpha TCG World

Note: This info has been compiled by Justin, a member of the community, and has not been verified by myself as I do not have a Mac. Hopefully this is of some help to Mac users! If you have any questions, please ask in the Telegram chats.

Up to Date as of 9-15-2022 Here’s a secondary method that may or may-not work better for Alpha than Parallels did with Oasis Island. (This method is actually easy to set up, but I laid out the steps very thoroughly so you know exactly what to click.) At the moment, you must download the FULL game from one of the download links. Do not use the launcher for this workaround. Codeweaver’s “Crossover22” uses the Wine API, which allows you to run windows programs directly from your Mac’s desktop. The Wine API has been around on Macs for 10+ years to run Windows applications. This eliminates having to use the virtual machine aspect of using Parallels or VMWare. Both Parallels and Crossover have their strength and weaknesses, but this could be another option for you to play Alpha. For me on an older Intel Mac, Crossover was able to use my GPU better than Parallels did. If anyone that’s on a Mac and has been able to successfully use Alpha via Crossover or Parallels or Bootcamp, please let us know. 1) Download Crossover from the official CodeWeaver site. 2)From the home screen when you open Crossover - go to the menu bar at the top and choose Bottle > New Bottle (or the Apple & N keys) 3) Name it TCG World (or whatever you want) and choose Bottle Type > Windows 10 64-bit. Then hit “Create”. This will take 1-2 mins for the bottle to be made as it’s creating a Windows folder directory for you. Creating the bottle’s directory on an SSD or NVME is ideal! 4) Once the bottle is made, on the left side under the “bottles” heading, choose TCG World (or what ever you named it). 5) On the right side, under “Advanced Settings”, make sure DXVK and CSMT are turned on and the slider is blue. The other two sliders you can look up what they do and decide if those options would make your game experience better. 6) Go to the top right of the Crossover screen and choose “Run Command” 7) Click the “Browse” button 8) Navigate to wherever you downloaded the Alpha folder (NOT the Launcher, this has to be the full game download) 9) Choose TCG_World.exe and hit open 10) It’ll take you back to the Run Command window, now choose “Run” 11) You will now be in ALPHA! Start off with 1920x1080 windowed, low-medium graphics, 1-4 chunks. Once you know your system can handle that, start by increasing whatever settings you want until the FPS is too low. Then you’ll know what your system can handle graphically. DISCLAIMER: I (Justin) do not work for TCG. However, this method has been tested by myself and has been given the “okay” from someone at the studio to share with you all. TCGWorld (at the present) is intended to be ran ONLY on a Windows PC and this method may or may not work for you as a Mac user. A Mac-port is not available at this time, and this is just a work-around for now.

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