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Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash - Thank You I Appreciate It!

I hope you all enjoy the site. I've gotten great feedback from everyone, and it means the world to me. Just last night someone was saying in chat how much they appreciated what I wrote. I'm not used to such praise.

How this site got started:

I'm not a writer, not a journalist. I don't have any schooling for writing. I just thought one day "hey, this is cool, I should do it." And in two days I had built the site and had 4 or 5 articles without showing anyone - and I messaged David to show him my crazy concept.

I thought perhaps it could be a conflict of interest - I'm part of the management team, and I thought this might take away from TCG World somehow, as stupid as it sounds. That's why I kept it private and eventually showed just David.

He ended up saying he thought it was a great idea, and was honored I thought to do it.

That's the birthing story of this site.

I really want TSR to be a long-term success. I want this site to go in-game as well and continue in the metaverse in some way. But I'm one person with no useful skills. Thus this post.

My original vision for this site was to be a news blog and an info source for everything TCG. It was, and maybe still is, going to be divided in two parts: The Sprite Report, and The Sprite Index. Everyone has seen the Report, but nobody has seen the Index part.

The Index would be all the info from the game. Sprite stats and writeup, quest info, important lore, calendar of events, the game history, etc. It's ambitious and would be glorious.

My main focus is on the Report, as I really do believe it'll help people, and also help to spread TCG World far and wide to people who may not have heard of the game. The more stories, the more websites, the more SEO out there.. it's all a positive for TCG. It's my way of helping more.

So what do I need?

I really need a partner or two to work with. To make this site the best it can be, and to spread word of TCG World everywhere through creative stories, news stories, social media, etc.

I need someone as passionate as I am.

I need writers.

I need someone who can make the site look and function better.

I need someone to brainstorm with. Strategy sessions.

I need someone who's good at editing photos. Gifs would be great too.

Should we turn TSR into a news cast too? Start doing videos? Media giant?

I want help setting up advertising, and possibly get some sponsors. I need someone to get excited with and keep me motivated.

In-game help.

I have an idea of what The Sprite Report building will look like in-game, and I'll eventually want to design it - an awesome design is needed for sure on one of my Diamond plots : ) If I don't find anyone I'll go the fiverr route.

I have a mind full of ideas but every idea I have is work for someone else. I either don't have the ability or time. And I hate that. I don't like needing help.

Except for perhaps the building design, None of this will be paying jobs, but may becoming paying in the future, who knows? Especially if we can turn this into a mega news corporation.

If anyone is interested in helping out, please contact me on Telegram @LeecedCrypto or through this site "Ask A Question" above. Lemme know what you can help out with! Any help big or small would be much appreciated.

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